RMT prepared for 'Fit for the Future: Trains'

The RMT has learned that London Underground has set the wheels in motion for ‘Fit for the Future: Trains.’ Currently named the ‘Trains Strategy Planning’, it is likely to be a piecemeal attempt initially; looking to squeeze more for less out of drivers and to look at the organisation of train side management.

The RMT is already holding frequent meetings to coordinate a response and collate information about our bosses plans as they arise. The Trains H&S council, Functional reps (industrial), along with the Regional Organiser John Leach and National Executive member John Reid are regularly meeting to prepare a proactive plan to stop any attacks that bosses may launch.

We ran a well organised militant fightback against Fit for the Future: Stations which saw the worst of the bosses attacks thwarted.  RMT is the largest union on London Underground and we are ready, able and willing to continue the fightback against Fit for the Future: Trains.

  • This article is taken from the May / June 2016 edition of Upfront: The Newsletter for London Underground Drivers.  You can read the newsletter here.