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'RMT Platform' 5 November 2008: LUL Prepares to Displace CSAs

The new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter for London Underground station and revenue staff warns of LUL's intention to displace 'over-establishment' CSAs away from their current stations and use them as 'line reserves', and urges staff to prepare to fight against this move. It also reveals - and condemns - management's ultimatum that we must reduce RCI reps before they will recognise reps in the SRT. There is an article about the economic crisis and pay, a brief 'know your rights' guide to flexible working, a report on our proposal for weekend ATOR for weekend part-timers and a plug for this website.

Click on the file name below to view, download and print 'RMT Platform'. Please print and circulate it round your workplace.