RMT calls train rep meeting to plan response as train op sent to unnecessary CDI




The following resolution has been received from Neasden Branch:-


“This Branch notes London Underground's decision to refer a Jubilee Line Train Operator member to a CDI following a SPAD incident in Neasden Depot.


We believe that this incident should have been dealt with as a training issue or at worst a safety case conference, in line with the way similar incidents have been dealt with.


Sending this T/Op to CDI sets a dangerous precedent for T/Op's on the Jubilee Line. We demand that fairness is shown in this case and that LU withdraws from its current position.


We further note that the introduction of CBTC on the Metropolitan Line will introduce the same risks that led to this incident to Metropolitan Line T/Op's and Fleet Depot Shunters.


This Branch therefore calls on the NEC to enter into dispute with London Underground and prepare a ballot matrix of all Train and Instructor Operator members on the Jubilee Line”.


This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the resolution and that the Company has departed from the customary referral to re-training or a safety case conference in the event of a SPAD and instead sent our Driver member to CDI. The NEC has taken the decision to arrange a meeting between our Train Operator H&S Reps on the Jubilee and Metropolitan Line, Trains Safety Council Reps, Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and NEC members to consider the way forward in light of these developments and the likelihood of having to go into dispute if the company don't revert immediately to an acceptable resolution. This meeting has been arranged for Monday 15th July and I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.