PPP to end as workers to be transferred into London Underground

26th October 2017 TO ALL RMT TUBE LINES (AP JNP) AND LUL MAINTENANCE MEMBERS Dear Colleague, PROPOSED TUPE TRANSFER OF AP JNP (TUBE LINES) TO LONDON UNDERGROUND LTD Further to my letter dated 22nd September regarding the above, the meeting with your Lead Officer, Reps and NEC members took place last week and I write to update you all on the current situation. It is now confirmed that on Sunday 29th October all AP JNP staff, approximately 1900 employees, will transfer into London Underground under TUPE. On this day, AP JNP members will be on their previous rates of pay, contract and terms and conditions and all AP JNP policies, procedures and agreements will continue to apply. However, soon after the transfer has taken place, LUL will review and seek to reorganise its maintenance activities under the wider Transformation programme and these discussions are expected to commence in early November. As you would expect, this will involve in-depth discussions and negotiations with your RMT Lead Officer and Reps from every affected function in attendance. The process is likely to take some time but be assured that RMT will of course remain vigilant and be fully involved throughout. Any future proposals will of course be subject to full consultation with all affected members and any movement by the Company to threaten any member’s job security or our hard fought for agreements will be resisted by this Union by all means at our disposal up to and including industrial action if necessary. At this early stage there are few details but as all members will now be back in-house under one public sector company we will be in a strong collective position going forward. Also RMT was always opposed to the private-public-partnership which led to Tube Lines in the first place and this transition finally brings that chapter to an end. Yours sincerely Mick Cash General Secretary