Neasden branch 'abhors decision by LUL to demote branch disability officer Morgan'


The following resolution has been received from Neasden Branch:-

“This Branch, Neasden 1070 Branch abhors the recent decision by LUL to demote our member and our branch disability officer Adrian Morgan. Adrian is a Train Operator at Neasden Traincrew Depot, he has served LUL for 12 years and been a Train Operator on the Metropolitan Line since 2011 and had an unblemished record. We can show that Adrian has been treated differently to other Train Operators. We are disgusted at the harsh decision against Adrian and we want to start immediately to enter into dispute with LUL for the full reinstatement to the Train Operator grade.

Adrian was sent to a CDI following an incident in early November 2018 where a customer was caught in the doors as they were closing. The customer never complained about any incident or injury, in which it was reported by an anonymous person.

This is a daily hazard for all Train Operators in the course of their duty, the disciplinary panel were fully aware of Adrian's personal issues that happened that evening and accepted these in the hearing. Adrian continued his duty to assist in not having further delays to the travelling public and put added pressure on his work colleagues.

There has been numerous comparator cases within LUL that was raised in the CDI hearing and namely on the Metropolitan Line, where these drivers have not faced any disciplinary action despite at least one that resulted in a serious injury to a customer that needed hospital treatment.

We strongly believe that Adrian has been treated differently for a number of reasons including fighting in the workplace to get his disability recognised by LUL for a number of years which was finally accepted once he was sent to a CDI.

Adrian's decision to his CDI was received on 14th May 2019 which was to demote him to CSA2.

An appeal has been submitted and is due to be heard shortly and if the result is unsatisfactory from the appeal then LUL management must be made aware that we intend to defend our member and that we are prepared to escalate this dispute to do so”.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to seek a report from the Lead Officer and to advise the company that we many well be in dispute if Brother Morgan is not re-instated at his appeal hearing.

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.