London Underground Announce Plans for Huge Job Cuts

London Underground announced plans today (Tuesday 26th March) to cut over 100 jobs in their latest round of 'Transformation'. These cuts are being made in multiple areas including, Track Access, Trainers, LUCC, Power and Waste Services.

Staff were invited to a series of briefings where management announced their plans. These are London Underground's plans and the RMT will play no part in cosying up to management or helping them deliver these proposals. The RMT were sent business cases late this morning by London Underground for some of the affected areas, but we are hearing shocking reports that other members are being reorganised without the company sharing these intentions with the RMT. Furthermore some areas have only just been through Transformation a few months ago. It is absolutely disgusting that London Underground feel they can treat our members this way.

As yet, they have not invited your reps to any consultation meetings and are refusing to follow the correct steps of the Main Agreement, which covers proposed reorganisations. Your reps will now be working on reviewing the business cases, ensuring London Underground have shared all information with us and making contact with our members. It is likely that the RMT will organise dedicated meetings for members affected by these cuts, but in the meantime, you are encouraged to attend your branch meetings and please contact your reps with any concerns.

We will send out more detailed updates as soon as we can.