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Jubilee South Branch November Newsletter

Annual elections for Reps and branch officials at this months Branch AGM
The time of year has come where RMT members of the Jubilee South Branch get to choose who represents them. This takes place at the Annual General Meeting of the branch which this year takes place on 28th November at the Spice Lounge above the Blue Eyed Maid on Borough High St Starting 16.00hrs All workplace Rep positions on Stations and Trains both Industrial relations & Heath and Safety are due for election.

All branch official positions are also due for election. All members of the branch should make a special effort to attend the AGM as it is the most important meeting of the year for our branch. Any new reps elected will be provided with training for the role and will be given the support of senior reps and the branch to enable them to carry out their new job.

Any person wishing to run for any of the positions who is unsure of the process for these elections should contact one of the branch officials or any existing Rep who will be able to advise them of how the process operates.

Trains Rep derecognition issue - Great success!
Following the callous de recognition of Jason Moriarty Train side rep for the Jubilee south the branch is happy to announce a great RMT success. Jason Moriarty is now officially recognized as an Industrial Relations rep once again and also we now have a new rep position for Stratford train crew. Which means our Train side IR rep number has now been doubled. This is Fantastic news for RMT train operators at Stratford and North Greenwich depots. This proves that by standing our ground and fighting injustice from LUL we can come out better than we started off. Or put another way, we can have our cake and eat it, so
that’s exactly what we did at the last branch meeting to celebrate this outstanding victory.

Supervisor job cuts?
At some locations on LUL some new technology is set to appear, Cleaners are now going to be able to book on using fingerprint scanner devices. This seems to be a very expensive way for cleaners to book on when they would be able to book on with the station supervisor as they always have done without the need for these gadgets.

That is of course if there is a station supervisor at that station, we believe this is being brought in to enable the cleaners to book on at unstaffed stations in a step towards enabling more station job cuts. The RMT will fight against any job cuts on LUL as it is very clear that we should have more staff not less as it was made very obvious last year when additional staff had to be recruited to handle the Olympics.

The travelling public do not want less staff on LUL stations and we certainly don't either.

TUC future that works demo
The TUC demo last month was well attended by the Jubilee South Branch and the RMT as a whole
with members coming from all over the country to show the government that austerity is failing. Our banner was proudly carried by our branch members from the embankment to Hyde park along with too
many others to count. The day was a great success and went without a hitch.

Branch Meetings
Jubilee South Branch meetings are held in the Blue eyed Maid on Borough High St a few minutes walk from either London Bridge or Borough Tube stations, starting at 16.00 hrs every payday. Branch meetings are an important part of the union structure particularly for the RMT as we are a democratic member led union.

They are the ideal place to raise any issues and hear what’s going on or will be going on in your workplace. Come along and have your say on the issues that effect your job.