Interim Transfer and Promotion Process

The recent letters sent out by LUL  to  all stations staff who are presently shown as either " Over-Established" or " Covering- Down" at their current locations is for reference purposes only and no member of staff should take any further action on it. The Stations Functional Council is currently still in a formal process of negotiation with LUL over a possible agreed Interim Transfer and Promotion Process and, until this has been officially signed off by the RMT, they should disregard any communications received from LUL Management.
Even if an agreed Interim T and P Process is eventually formally implemented, any future moves generated by such a process will always have the individual right of Appeal by a member of staff firmly agreed within that process.

Members of the RMT SFC will also be able to play a full part in any formal Appeals Panel that is eventually set up. I trust that my comments alleviate any concerns or confusion that has been generated out there amongst our members and I would be grateful if these comments could be shared as widely as is possible.

Many Thanks

Mick Crossey
RMT Stations Functional

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