Ballot Papers For Service Control Industrial Action Sent Out Today

From General Secretary Bob Crow

You will be aware of the current proposals by London Underground regarding the move of Piccadilly Line Service Control to Hammersmith Service Control Centre. However we still have a substantial number of concerns over this process and believe service control staff and our representatives are being mistreated.

Our main areas of concern are as follows:

  • The Wholesale job losses arising from the move to Hammersmith Service Control Centre
  • The Non-payment of the Service Operator 3 rate of pay
  • The Treatment of ex-apprentice secondee Service Operators
  • Staffing cuts for Service Control at Neasden SCC (Jubilee)
  • The Lack of any meaningful offer for Service Control staff for the Olympic period
  • Hammersmith signal cabin grading
  • A Breakdown of machinery of negotiation

Talks have taken place at Joint Working Party (JWP) to try and resolve these issues. However your representatives report that these meetings have been less than productive. I am informed that there have been problems with the release of our representatives, minutes are not accurately recorded and at one point our reps have even been told minutes did not need to be taken. Consequently we do not believe there has been sufficient and meaningful consultation. Furthermore my representatives have also raised the following issues which remain outstanding: -

  1. Hammersmith SCC staff have still not been given projected staffing levels or the number of job losses. HR is pressing ahead with 1 to 1 interviews despite protests by the staff side.
  2. Staff side representatives have given LUL proof of SO3 rates but LUL has so far refused to implement agreements.
  3. One former apprentice is still a station assistant and HR has refused to bring him back into service control although a number of vacancies exist.
  4. Rumours persist that staffing levels will be reduced at Neasden once TBTC beds in, management will not confirm future figures in writing.
  5. The grading of Hammersmith has never been discussed, LUL has always informed staff side of decisions already made but even now we do not know the structure?

Despite our objections, London Underground continues to press ahead ignoring our concerns. This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee (GGC),which believes that the company is mistreating our Service Control Staff and has taken the decision to ballot members for strike action and action short of a strike with a view to ensure that London Underground address our concerns and enter into meaningful negotitaion.

You and your colleagues will shortly receive your voting paper through the post and I urge you all to support the Union, and stand together. Ballot papers will be sent to members on Monday 28th May 2012. You are urged to vote ‘Yes’ for strike action and ‘Yes’ for industrial action short of a strike.

If you or your colleagues do not receive a ballot paper by Wednesday 6th June 2012, please call the free phone helpline on 0800 376 3706 or 0207 387 4771 so a replacement paper can be sent.

We will continue to remain available for talks at any time and I will keep you informed should there be any further developments.