Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Overtime Improvements on the Bakerloo!

T/Ops on the Bakerloo Line could not believe their luck, when in an all too rare show of altruism, management swept away the existing way of booking overtime and brought in a new improved system.

Openly weeping with joy an Bakerloo T/Op told us:

"The previous system was bonkers, and now thanks to Bakerloo management we don't have to endure the drudgery of - finishing late - picking up a phone and informing the desk DMT - then hanging up."

A Bakerloo manager informed us:

Reasons To Be Striking. Part 2

The stitch-up that led to the unfair dismissal of Fitz Chambers is as clear as day. Let’s look at the facts of the case:

A new Train Operations manager arrives at the Elephant from the District Line with a clear agenda to get the District’s unpopular and discredited “fixed links” system up and running on the Bakerloo.

Your RMT branch resolves to fight this attack on the successful and long running syndicates and this blatant attempt to undermine workers’ control in the depots.

Reasons To Be Striking

The rumour mill in the depot mess rooms have been in overdrive recently, and in an attempt to offer some clarity to dispel the half truths, downright lies and anti worker propaganda, we have set out below the reasons management used to unfairly dismiss our 2 colleagues.

Fitz Chambers.

The charges relate to allegedly accepting a measly £40 and a cheap bottle of booze over a 4 year period. Let us be honest on this, does this really constitute gross misconduct? Is the giver of the gifts not as culpable as the alleged recipient?

January 2010 Bakerloo News

Please clink on the attachment to download the January 2010 edition of Bakerloo News.

The lead story follows:

  1. Bakerloo drivers take a stance on job cuts
  2. As London Underground prepare to make swingeing cuts across all operational grades, Bakerloo drivers have served notice that they are prepared to take strike action to defend their sacked workmates.

LU use recession as cover to undermine jobs and safety

We all know that there is a recession. We have witnessed it first hand with this year’s pay cut and the sacking of our members just to reduce staffing numbers.
But not all companies necessarily view a recession as a bad thing. What LU are doing is hiding behind the recession and using it as a excuse to cut our pay, slash jobs and introduce unsafe working practices.

New Year, where's the cheer?

SOSSo after the pay has been settled in time for Christmas we start the new year looking forward to the impending major attacks on staffing levels across all stations which will impact immensely on ours and customers safety. London Underground in an attempt to claw back money from its fatal PPP collapse is making us pay for its incompetence.

Massive Yes Vote to defend Fitz and Joel!

RMT train driver members on the Bakerloo Line have returned a massive yes vote in the fight to defend 2 of our colleagues who were recently summarily dismissed. In a 50% turnout Elephant & Castle members voted a massive 10-1 in favour of strike action to defend Bro. Chambers and Queens Park returned a handsome 4-1 majority in defence of Bro. Miah. All Bakerloo drivers are urged to support the fight to reinstate both. There is a meeting on Thursday 14th January at 16:00 hours in the Clachan: nearest tube Oxford Cicus, to discuss what action we take next.

More staff cuts facing train side

RMT reps on the Trains Functional Council have been informed by London Underground bosses on plans to cut more staff on the train side. Bill O'Dowd reported "we have now had confirmation, that Management intend to remove Rostered Team Talk from new working Time Tables, this was revealed to us at the last TFC". The RMT objected to these further cuts to train grades staffing levels.