Support from a Bakerloo passenger

Just to say that I was saddened to hear of the proposed staff cuts on the Bakerloo line. When I last used Warwick Avenue station, the member of staff topped up my Oyster card quicker than I could have done (I was running late as usual).

I have emailed the below message to the helpandcontact page of website and shall email the same to the Mayor. I have printed off the petition and shall collect signatures and send in also.

Good luck and best wishes, Charlotte Keech

I am writing to say how horrified I am to learn that you plan to cut station staff numbers in stations on the Bakerloo line, the line I regularly use. It is extremely valuable to have the friendly staff in place at the station I use the most, Warwick Ave, in particular.I have often been grateful to them for their help with my Oyster Card (even though the Oyster Card system works pretty well and I love having my card). I am always so glad just to see staff there available and willing to help anyone with anything when needed - it makes me feel it is a safe station to use. Please reconsider your proposal to cut station staff numbers. Thank you.