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Plus reports of the support we are receiving.

Why all tube workers should be in the RMT

The last two decades has seen enormous attacks on the pay, conditions and pensions of millions of workers. Pay freezes in the name of 'austerity', pension raids and terrible contracts have been the norm in many industries. Yet on the Tube we moved from a 40h week, via a 37.5h week to the present 35h week which, with banked hours gives us 52 days annual leave. Nearly every one of our annual pay rises in the last 20 years has been significantly above inflation and none below.

Tube Strike - Messages of Support

The @RMTLondon Twitter account received messages of support throughout the strike this week, and hundreds of new followers taking us beyond five thousand.

Tube workers were striking in several different disputes. These were the Pay & Night Tube dispute which saw all tube workers taking action, Station staff striking in a dispute over planned cuts and Fleet workers walked out over the use of agency trainers.

Messages of support came from other unions and workers who are fighting back:

GMB Sussex Branch Supports Alex McGuigan Reinstatement Fight

The GMB Union's Sussex branch has passed a motion applauding the RMT efforts to secure Alex Mcguigans reinstatement. The branch has also kindly donated towards a strike fund to provide 'practical support in their efforts to win'.

In response RMT London Transport Region Secretary Eamonn Lynch has written to thank the branch for their support. Eamonn said "We really appreciate the support from your branch and the donation is gladly accepted. I know I speak for Alex when I say the support from RMT members and from comrades across the union movement is not only appreciated but a source of inspiration.

Massive Support For RMT 'Every Job Matters' Tube Dispute

As the start of a 48 hour tube dispute approaches, we have received massive support for our upcoming action. The RMT and TSSA will be striking over job and pay cuts and the closure of ticket offices, vital for many including elderly and many disabled people. The strike action will continue for 48 hours from 9pm today (4th feb).

If you are reading this on the LUL intranet, much of the rest of this article will be blank as LUL blocks social media

Every Job Matters: Facebook Campaign

Follow us on Facebook for the latest information on the Every Job Matters. With nearly 4000 people 'Liking' the page' and thousands more seeing the articles and materials we are posting, it is a succesful way for us to get our story to the public.

if you are reading this on a London Underground PC much of the post below will be blank as LUL blocks Facebook

20th November and a few hundred people have 'liked' the Page:

Petitions Call For Ticket Office Closures To Be Scrapped

The following petitions from various groups are all calling for London Underground ticket offices to be protected.

Please consider adding your signature:

  • Boris: keep your promise - sign the 38 Degrees petition to keep ticket offices open in the London underground.
  • This Labour Party campaign calls for lower fares and the protection of ticker offices -

Tory Spotting T-Shirts For Sale

For the Oct 20th demo RMT young members in conjunction with our friends at Sabcat designed and produced special edition T-shirts with the iconic figure of Nye Bevin with quote- “No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am “concerned they are lower than vermin” on the back. With the now famous Tory spotting image with Tory #4 Ed Miliband on the front.

The special edition t-shirts will remain limited but due to the impact and subsequent interest we asked Sabcat to print more Tory Spotting t-shirts.

Workplace campaigns: 

London Underground Casualisation Leafter For Tube passengers

An important message from RMT to London Underground passengers.

During the Olympics London Underground has been counting volunteers among the number of safety-trained staff needed legally to keep Tube stations open, putting everyone concerned at risk. See overleaf to see how YOU can help us to stop this abuse.

During the Olympics, London Underground has been using volunteers to help out with the additional crowds using the Tube.

Student Support For 'Justice For Dayna' Campaign

By Daniel Lemberger Cooper, President SURHUL & ULU Vice President-elect

A statement from Student union officers and student activists

We the undersigned support RMT member Dayna Nembhard's fight for reinstatement to her job on London Underground. Dayna was sacked for
defending herself against a racist attack

We see this as a continuation of the solidarity built between students and Tube workers during the anti-cuts struggles of the last two years, and a crucial battle in our movements' fight against racism and for workers' rights.