Wembley Central station stand firm for safety in the workplace

The new Health & Safety rep on the Wembley Central Group, Alan Foster has raised the issue of places of safety for staff on the gateline. On London Underground the standard place of safety is the GLAP. But when LU took over the control of the silver link stations north of Queens Park in 2007 none were put in. Management were quick enough off the mark to bring in gate lines to maximise revenue but the safety of the staff working the gate lines was deemed secondary. Alan raised this issue with management by calling an safety meeting and was told that they would be put in with the refurbishment works at some point or another in the future. The union's view was that this was unacceptable and the matter was referred to the safety council. All members of staff were advised of their rights to refuse to work on the grounds of safety. All members of the RMT and non members stood firm and stood up for their rights for a safe place of work. They were resolute even in the face of verbal threats and recorded delivery letters sent to their home by management threatening disciplinary action if they continued to refuse to work the gatelines. Because of their heroic actions of standing firm in the face of intimidation the RMT has now managed to achieve getting the Glaps put in ahead of schedule. This was down to the solidarity of the station staff in the face of adversity.

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