Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Farewell To Fitz Chambers

Come along to the Clachan Public House to bid a fond farewell to a RMT legend !
19 May at 1600 hrs for an evening of celebration with Fitz.
Wish him well on whatever career he chooses and enjoy a few jars of beer with us.
As luck would have it,thats the day we get our CSS bonus and the balance of our pay LUL cheated us out of in April.
A double celebration if you will !!!

Anyone wishing to donate to Fitz`s collection please give to the following before 19 May;

Bakerloo Branch newsletter May 2010

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Don’t be fooled by the lies - Stand up for jobs and safety
London Underground has fired the first shots in the coming battle over jobs and safety with their recent consultation document. They have announced that 450 ticket office positions must go as well as another 150 CSA positions. Meanwhile, management have approached the Train’s Health & Safety Council (THSC) with proposals for the worst watering down of safety standards ever seen. Add to this a leaked document from management in which they spell out their plans for smashing the unions on the job and it is clear that our bosses are intent on reversing all the gains we have won over the years and are going to put both us and the passengers in danger with their attacks on safety.

LOROL 378 Unit Train Headlights

There have been a number of concerns raised recently regarding the new 378 LOROL train stock LED headlight.
These high density beams may shine directly into driver’s eyes due to the differing heights of our trains compared to the LOROL units.
Any drivers experiencing any problems please contact your local H&S reps with details of time, date, train numbers and place of incident.
Any problems should also be reported to the Wembley signaller via connect radio, if they answer.

Shot At From Both Sides.

The pre Xmas shooting gallery that was QPK SB is now the subject of a LIR (local investigation report)
As welcome as this report is, it should be remembered that no blame is ever apportioned from any such investigation.
Any “errors” will be “lessons learned”
Funny, when we commit “errors” we receive “draconian punishments”
Fair & Consistent?
You decide.

Who Are Ya???

Most T/Ops would be of the opinion fully uniformed staff, in full LUL regalia would be properly trained, properly licensed and fully qualified.
Seems that on the Wembley Group it ain`t necessarily so!
Agency staff, which look the same, talk, walk and act the same, but with far inferior training are now expected to bowl up to drivers and assist with “emergency” situations.

The Bakerloo Line Hokey Cokey

Great headline. Crap idea.
In an unprecedented show of common sense, the higher echelons of Team Bakerloo have finally voted off this ridiculous notion of cutting the High Tone Whistle in /out in / out etc etc when entering/leaving the depot at Stonebridge Park.
The 137 decibels this whistles generates is enough to deafen the poor old workers it’s meant to protect.

Kenton One-Under. An Update

At the hastily arranged ad hoc meeting on Tuesday to discuss our concerns the “heroic” actions of the agency staff were mentioned by the management team of Messrs Smith, Senior, Cullen and Toplis. They were of the opinion a commendation was in order. We countered with its not a commendation she should receive, it’s a full time job she should be awarded with. With LUL. With the requisite pay increase. And with full and adequate training to be able to carry out the important tasks necessary of a station worker.