Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Scottish trade unionist and socialist, Jimmy Reid dies August 10th 2010

Jimmy Reid, one of the leaders of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) "work-in" in 1971-72 died August 10th 2010, aged 78. When the Heath government proposed closing down all 5 of the shipyards in Glasgow the workers fought back by organising a 'work in', a political campaign to stop the closures which would have blighted thousands of lives and the city of Glasgow itself.

When he stood as a candidate to be the Rector of Glasgow University the New York Times printed his speech in its entirety and said it was the most important speech since Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Click on the link to read it in full:

Support from a Bakerloo passenger

Just to say that I was saddened to hear of the proposed staff cuts on the Bakerloo line. When I last used Warwick Avenue station, the member of staff topped up my Oyster card quicker than I could have done (I was running late as usual).

I have emailed the below message to the helpandcontact page of website and shall email the same to the Mayor. I have printed off the petition and shall collect signatures and send in also.

Good luck and best wishes, Charlotte Keech

Support from a Passenger

"I wanted to protest vigorously at the planned cut of staff at Warwick Avenue Station.

"This very busy station is important to all its users- tourists, locals, business people travelling at peak times. It has been the target of many incidents prevented by the attendance of its vigilant and kind staff

"I feel that it is important to keep it adequately staffed at all times."

Ann Futter

Wembley Central station stand firm for safety in the workplace

The new Health & Safety rep on the Wembley Central Group, Alan Foster has raised the issue of places of safety for staff on the gateline. On London Underground the standard place of safety is the GLAP. But when LU took over the control of the silver link stations north of Queens Park in 2007 none were put in. Management were quick enough off the mark to bring in gate lines to maximise revenue but the safety of the staff working the gate lines was deemed secondary.

Don’t Call Us...We`ll Call You!!

Connect radio.....don’t ya just love it??
Remember when it was rolled out onto the combine as the great answer to all our problems with comms , we would be able to radio, phone , text and even email!!
Well now seems that up at Stonebridge Park reception roads on the Up (SB) end, T/Ops can neither call the Wembley Signaller nor the Tower.
We get why we can’t connect to the Tower.
But the Wembley Box?
It’s their Railway for crissakes!

Notice to all Bakerloo Drivers

Issa Kanu was off sick from 8th of August 2009 to 27th of November 2009 with depression but returned to alternative duties following a case conference.
Issa has been back at work for the last 6 months.
Following a visit to Occupational Health on the morning of Thursday May 20th 2010, Issa was declared fit to return to normal train operating duties by the company doctor.
At a case conference on the afternoon of Thursday 20th of May Issa was sacked by his Train Operations Manager.

We Don't Have Break Aways On The Bakerloo Line!

Breaking news from Queens Park.Well we do now!

It would seem that no sooner do them Tory scum get into power then all hell breaks loose on the London Underground.
Fresh from a derailment on the Picc yesterday, the unbelievable scenario of a train break away on the Bakerloo has occurred.
I am not saying the cause is solely to do with neoliberal coalitions but come on, look at the facts.
2 days in the hot seat and 2 serious incidents follow rapidly.

Farewell To Fitz Chambers

Come along to the Clachan Public House to bid a fond farewell to a RMT legend !
19 May at 1600 hrs for an evening of celebration with Fitz.
Wish him well on whatever career he chooses and enjoy a few jars of beer with us.
As luck would have it,thats the day we get our CSS bonus and the balance of our pay LUL cheated us out of in April.
A double celebration if you will !!!

Anyone wishing to donate to Fitz`s collection please give to the following before 19 May;

Bakerloo Branch newsletter May 2010

Click on the attachment to see the latest Branch Newsletter.

Articles follow...

Don’t be fooled by the lies - Stand up for jobs and safety
London Underground has fired the first shots in the coming battle over jobs and safety with their recent consultation document. They have announced that 450 ticket office positions must go as well as another 150 CSA positions. Meanwhile, management have approached the Train’s Health & Safety Council (THSC) with proposals for the worst watering down of safety standards ever seen. Add to this a leaked document from management in which they spell out their plans for smashing the unions on the job and it is clear that our bosses are intent on reversing all the gains we have won over the years and are going to put both us and the passengers in danger with their attacks on safety.

LOROL 378 Unit Train Headlights

There have been a number of concerns raised recently regarding the new 378 LOROL train stock LED headlight.
These high density beams may shine directly into driver’s eyes due to the differing heights of our trains compared to the LOROL units.
Any drivers experiencing any problems please contact your local H&S reps with details of time, date, train numbers and place of incident.
Any problems should also be reported to the Wembley signaller via connect radio, if they answer.