Six And Out!!

The strike on Tuesday September 7 was magnificently supported by Train and Station RMT members.
The few and infrequent services that did run on the Bakerloo Line offered little by way of “a world class tube service.” The LU managers supposedly running the railway also decided to throw out tried and tested safety mechanisms put in place following the Kings Cross fire disaster.

During the morning peak, 9 stations were closed out of 13 between Elephant & Caslte and Queens Park. And nothing between Harrow and Wealdstone. London Underground's department of misinformation described this as "minor delays"! Indeed, there were 6 stations in a row closed due to no staff availability at times on the Bakerloo in the middle of the rush hour.

Procedure would dictate the line is closed as a consequence of this. Indeed the magic number is 3
Apparently strike days allow for new and dangerous protocols to be implemented.
Were passengers told that they would be taken on the Marylebone to Queens Park express?
Rumours of groups of confused Japanese tourists trying to get to Heathrow via Paddington being interned on Bakerloo Line trains for hours whilst flying through Paddington trip after trip is stuff legends are based on.

We believe 3 stations closed are pushing safety to the limit.
But 6?
Even the most blinkered one eyed management stooge can see this is a recipe for disaster.
Cant they?

Meanwhile were the "professional drivers" who crossed picket lines told prior to picking up that their safety was being compromised? Or was that part of the bargain, cross the line and ignore all safety procedures. Apparently these "professionals" were continually opening the doors to let passengers off at closed, empty stations. Very safe!

The RMT has raised these issues with the railway inspectors.