Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Oi !! Taxi For The Driver !!

The Bakerloo Line between QPK & SPK is to be shut down over the Xmas and New Year period.
And with the record of recent line shut downs, we are worried.
Very worried.
No thought seems to have been given to the safety of T/Ops and Station staff having to yomp from booking on at QPK DT up to SPK.
On the replacement bus service.
With scores of potentially irate drunken punters who have just been turfed off the combine at Queens Park

Bakerloo Branch AGM Poster

The Bakerloo AGM is on Thursday December 3rd at 16:00 hours. Elections will take place for all officers and reps. Speakers include Bob Crow and Janine Booth

Following the AGM there will be a social with a limited free bar.

Please click on the link to download the poster.

Operations Strategic Plan

Your Stations and revenue reps discovered back in June 2009 that LU planned to keep at least 150 vacancies on all groups in an attempt to drive down its staffing costs. Your functional reps challenged this new policy of reducing staffing levels and the lack of any consultation over its strategy and referred the issue to an ad-hoc directors meeting which was ‘swiftly’ arranged some 3 months later!

Recruitment Day Success

On Wednesday 21st October the Bakerloo branch recruitment and retention team hit the Oxford Circus group, dishing out the latest newsletter, badges, keyrings and other goodies. We got to talk to people about the upcoming ballot for strike action and signed two new members up to the RMT.

Reject the pay insult - Vote YES for action

After a mass meeting of reps RMT is to reballot members on the dreadful 2 year pay offer made by LUL. The meeting agreed that issues over bullying and breaches of agreement had not been resolved and that a 1.5% rise this year and 0.5% on top of inflation next year was a slap in the face. A high turnout and a big yes vote will give RMT a fresh mandate to call more action and will send a message to management that they can stick their 2 year pay joke. So far RMT members have managed to get rid of LUL’s outrageous 5 year pay insult and have successfully defended our ‘jobs for life’ deal. Now the RMT is to escalate this dispute and force LUL to make us a sensible offer.

Don't bottle it - take a PNR!

RMT reps have raised the issue with Bakerloo management of train drivers urinating in bottles and throwing them on the track. The union has a long standing agreement with LUL that drivers needing a toilet break should call for a personal needs relief (PNR) to use the the proper facilities.

Wheel Screech On The Bakerloo Line.

At last.
The CMO (formerly better known as metronet) have finally decided to get their act together and try and sort this problem out.
They are going to adopt a scientific approach to it.
Over the next few weeks expect to see many operatives in bright orange Hi-Vis at the usual locations, Padd, Picc,CX.
They will first gather as much information as possible.