Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Where’s our money?

Why are LUL holding us to ransom by threatening us with no pay rise ‘til next year if we don’t accept by September? Previous pay deals have been settled and paid in December.

London Underground continues to recieve awards for improved performance, take all the credit and then screw the workers who deliver it.

A quarter of all current pay deals across industry are over 3% and average public sector pay rises are 3.9%.

“London Underground’s pay offer is crap”

Pay report from Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser

I attended the LUL company council meeting on the 08/9/09 and discussed the pay offer. There was no improvement whatsoever on the last offer. It remains 1.5% this year and RPI plus 0.5% next year. As discussed with Pat Sikorski earlier LUL are prepared to release our reps for a meeting and I am requesting the Tuesday 6th October 2009 (one day after the ASLEF reps are released) to take a sounding on where we go.

Trip Cock Test Farce On The Bakerloo Line

Bakerloo line drivers were subject to what can only be described as keystone cops style of management during the first day of this weekend’s shutdown.
Seemingly making it up on the hoof, management instructed drivers to keep trains in service even when failing the trip cock tester.
Apparently the requirement for a second person in the cab was sufficient to run a safe railway.
This goes against all the basic principles we are taught when joining LUL!

Day For Dobbo !!

Support Kevin

Ballot papers have now gone out with regard to Kevin Dobinson’s sacking. As you know Kevin was sacked for an aggravated SPAD that he owned up to. Drivers on the line were shocked at the severity of Kevin’s punishment, most thinking that at worse Kevin would have been dipped for what he did. This has led to rumours that Kevin’s past record most have been a factor in his sacking. This is not so. Kevin has never had an aggravated SPAD before, or indeed any other serious safety incident.

Dismissal From Service - Kevin Dobinson, Train Operator, Bakerloo Line

Circular No. IR/222/09

RMT is to ballot all Bakerloo Line Drivers for both strike action and industrial action short of a strike in support of a dismissed colleague, Kevin Dobinson. Ballot papers will dispatched direct to members’ homes on 30th July 2009 with the closing date for returns being Wednesday 12th August 2009.

It seem that our Train Operator members on the Bakerloo are furious at Kevin’s dismissal and over 160 of them have signed a petition telling management exactly that. Kevin was sacked for a SPAD that he owned up to. It was an aggravated SPAD largely caused by Kevin being preoccupied with personal problems. Furthermore it was the sort of incident that had occurred before on the Underground yet other people hadn’t been sacked.

Report: ex-Silverlink Joint Working Party, Monday 20 July

As well as the attack on Core Station Supervisor training outlined here, the following issues were also discussed at Monday's Joint Working Party about the ex-Silverlink stations:

* Staff who failed the Station Supervisor application have been allowed to reapply - 31 of the 34 have done so. The applicants will have 'enhanced coaching'. The three parts of the application - written test, role play and interview - will have a full day each, with coaching prior to assessment.