Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

LUL Claim They Ran a Good Service - Well Guess What? They Didn't


Dear Colleague,

Here are some useful facts. Below is the actual number of trains run (bold) on all lines during the strike against the total each line would normally run.

On a normal day 522 trains are run across the combine. Taken as a percentage, and at mid peak times (0900 and 1800) the best 'service' they ran amounted to 28% on Thursday (0900). However, take away the Northern and Jubilee Lines the best 'service' they could run across the combine was 17% for Wednesday and 19% for Thursday.


It’s an emotive word and one which used in the workplace has even led to disciplinary action. Nevertheless, it is an important part of the lexicon of picketers and very effective when used properly!

So what are “scabs” and what motivates them?

The truth about the tube dispute

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There has been a tidal wave of media coverage of the 48 hour strike on TfL and LUL. Although that coverage is a reflection of just how successful the RMT action has been, it has also led to some incredible exaggeration, blatant political interference and in some cases sheer, barefaced lies.

The “Big Lie”

Bob Crow "stunned" by management dishonesty

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow sent the following message to all union members:

"Dear Colleague,



This is my 31st year as a member of this Union and a worker on London Underground and in all that time I have never experienced such dishonesty from any management that I have dealt with. Let me explain to you what really happened at the talks.

The Facts

Latest: Strike is on as LUL offer nothing!

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RMT spent ten hours in talks with London Underground management yesterday (Monday 8 June). We made many proposals and offered many opportunities for management to settle our dispute with them, but sadly, at the end of a long day all London Underground offered was more talks.

  • They refused to even discuss pay.
  • They still refuse to respond to our claims for improved conditions, for example a guaranteed alternative job if you become medically unfit for your existing post.
  • More management "misrepresentations"

    We understand that LUL management are claiming that the cases of two sacked Victoria Line drivers are the only outstanding issues in this dispute.

    That is straightforwardly untrue.

    If LUL were to reinstate these drivers, it may help resolve the separate dispute on the Victoria Line, but the dispute involving all our members on London Underground is about jobs, pay and justice for all workers, and since management offered nothing at yesterday's talks, all these issues remain unresolved.