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Bosses on the Victoria Line have been forced into a u-turn over their recent attempts to impose 5-rounder turns on the line. A standing agreement that there would be no 5-rounder turns on the line because of its hot and noisy environment was ripped up by local management who had hoped to be able to squeeze more work out of their drivers. These plans are now in shreds as a result of drivers’ threat to strike on for 24 hours on 5/6th October and to work to rule in the week leading up to the strike.

The Neasden Flyer - Special Summer Edition

newsletterPlease find attached the Special Summer Edition of The Neasden Flyer. You can read the text below:

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the WPK depot!

Local Members and Representatives know too well how hot summer temperatures can get underground. So when you are relieved for meal break, you would expect to have your meal break in comfortable, temperature controlled conditions, right?

Important Bus Issues To Be Discussed At Next Busworkers Meeting

A busworkers meeting, organised by the RMT London Busworkers Committee, will take place on monday 24th august 2009, 5pm - 7pm at the Bulstrode pub, Lampton Road, Hounslow, next to Hounslow Central station. Among the issues to be discussed will be:

  • the forced transfer of staff between companies
  • the implications of the introduction of telemetric technology on buses
  • excessive surveillance of staff
  • harrassment of our members
  • wages and conditions

and other issues of concern to our members.

Imposition of Rosters - Control Room, Serco Docklands

DLRCircular No. IR/170/09 29th May 2009

Dear Colleagues

I can confirm that as a direct result of an RMT re-ballot of Serco Docklands Control Room Staff, the company has again backed off from implementing a roster to the detriment of our members. In noting the position, the General Grades Committee has made it clear that in the event of Docklands management again attempting to pull such a stunt sometime in the future, our response will be on a company wide basis involving all members.

London Overground Pay & Conditions Referendum

RMT Circular No IR.107/09


Further to my circular IR95/09 dated 19th March 2009, I can advise you that the General Grades Committee today took the following decision:-

“That we note the enhanced terms in the latest offer from LOROL and that a mass meeting of our members indicated support for acceptance.

We instruct the General Secretary to commence a referendum of our members with a recommendation to vote “yes” to accept the offer.

Thanks and Goodbye!

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

RMT has been challenging the redeployment procedures that mean that after 20 years service you can be kicked out of your job because your hearing, or something else, is below their standards – only to be replaced by someone with far less safety experience! We have also asked Management to allow staff in medical redeployment to apply for TfL jobs, which now includes Metronet. We believe all medically redeployed staff should be given the offer of at least one job.