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Update On Equality Impact Assessment Of LU Job Cuts, And Part-Time Workers' Rights

We note the position, that these legal cases have now been withdrawn. We instruct the General Secretary to keep the report on file for future reference, and to ensure that in current and future instances of employer policies that affect our members, RMT addresses equality impacts at an early stage.

We further instruct the General Secretary to implement our previous instruction to prepare a concise guide to part-time workers’ rights, and to place this in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

TfL Pay For 2012

The current TfL pay deal ends this April. TfL bosses are yet to respond to RMT's claim for the ongoing year.

The general grades committee has decided the following:

We note with disappointment that despite the current pay settlement for TfL staff expiring on 1 April and RMT having submitted a new claim, TfL management have not yet convened talks to discuss a new pay deal.

We instruct the General Secretary to contact TfL and insist that these talks begin as a matter of urgency. It is not acceptable for the date a pay settlement is due to pass without talks having even started.

Industrial Relations Matters – Telent / MJ Quinns LU Contract

We note that following the resolution from our LU Engineering branch, a meeting has taken place with GGC members and representatives of our Telent/MJ Quinns members. We affirm the views of our representatives that the situation facing workers on this contract is intolerable, with bullying, inadequate pay, and management refusing to allow employees to take leave during the Olympic period.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

RMT Confirms Timetable For Industrial Action Ballot On Tube Lines Over Pensions And Staff Travel

TUBE UNION RMT today confirmed the timetable on a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike on Tube Lines.

Ballot papers will be sent out to RMT members at Tube Lines, including ex-Alstom Stratford Market depot staff, on the 20th March with the ballot closing on the 16th April. RMT is calling for a massive yes vote for industrial action to back the union’s demand for equal pension and travel-pass rights.

RMT Taxi Drivers Secure Major Pedicabs Victory

AFTER MONTHS OF campaigning by RMT taxi branch, and with the support of the RMT parliamentary convenor John McDonnell, who through a series of actions blocked the progress of the London Local Authorities Bill, the sponsors have now been forced to withdraw the offending clause which would have enshrined the right to register pedicabs and provide them with rank spaces.

If the Bill with the offending Clause had been enacted it would have meant the introduction of a fully-fledged licensing and right to ply for hire regime for pedicabs, undermining the tightly-regulated licensed taxi trade.

TFL Ballot And LUL Dispute Over Olympics

RMT to ballot for action on TFL over Olympics ban on staff leave and declares dispute with London Underground over Olympics payments

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to ballot for industrial action on TFL over a ban on staff leave for the duration of the Olympics and has also declared a formal dispute with London Underground over a failure to reach an agreement on Olympics recognition and reward payments for all LU staff.