Alstom-Metro Tube train maintenance staff to stage second strike over pay

NEARLY 200 Alstom-Metro train-maintenance workers at depots on London Underground’s Jubilee and Northern lines are to strike again next week over pay and conditions in a concerted bid to force the wealthy company to improve its “insulting” sub-inflation pay offer.

RMT members at the two depots will begin their second 24-hour strike at 19:00 on Monday October 4, with further action scheduled for the same time on Wednesday November 3, and Monday November 29.

An indefinite overtime began at a minute after midnight on Sunday September 5 and remains in force.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 28th September) Alstom workers will be holding a meeting outside Golders Green station at 06.30 hrs in protest at managements abuse of free speech through refusing to allow the RMT to meet members on the premises without a manager present.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today:

“Alstom is a major trans-national company that has been making record profits and is happy to shovel dividends to its shareholders, but has offered what would amount to a substantial pay cut to our members.

“The deal on offer is worth less than half of those won by other Tube workers this year, and the massive vote for action, and the solid support for the first strike and the overtime ban, should tell Alstom all they need to know about our members’ determination to win a fair pay deal.

“Alstom Metro should note our members’ anger and return to the talks table to thrash out a realistic deal that recognises their hard work and dedication and which doesn’t leave the workforce out of pocket while the company board room is awash with hard cash.”