Defending and improving conditions

Campaigning for better working conditions

RMT Upfront June 2021

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for train drivers on London Underground, from RMT train driver activists.

This edition focusses on two upcoming ballots in our grade, one to defend rep Gary Carney and the other to fight back against London Underground bosses threat to increase weekend and night working for train drivers.

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RMT appalled by way LUL has acted over Night Tube “grade consolidation” plan

Dear Colleagues

RMT is appalled by the way London Underground has acted over Night Tube “grade consolidation”. Instead of accommodating those NT drivers who want to go full time, they attempt to do away with the grade completely and impose Night Tube shifts on the TO21 drivers.

London Underground management have told us that they are desperate for drivers. Night Tube drivers are fully trained up and many of them are eager to begin a full-time role. The solution therefore is simple: those Night Tube drivers who want to be full time should be promote as a matter of urgency.

RMT Upfront April 2021: make NT drivers full time

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Shortly after the Covid crisis started the RMT recognised that some changes to working practices would be inevitable.

The national union made it clear to the Government, London Underground and the train operating companies that although we would work with them, any variation to agreements would need to be time-limited to the period of the pandemic.

Supreme court ruling awaited in holiday pay case


When I last wrote to you on the above matter, Circular No: IR/416/20, 16th October 2020, branches will recall the union is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling that would have a significant bearing on this matter. Members' cases were to be brought but for there to be a stay in their proceeding until the Supreme Court's ruling is announced.

Long service award changes


Further to Circular IR/134/17, 27th March 2017, correspondence has been received from TfL concerning changes they intend to make to Long Service Awards.

Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

Dear colleagues,

Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

I wanted to report back on the latest in our campaign to secure the insourcing of our members who work to keep the Underground clean. With the current contract with ABM coming to an end, RMT has been stepping up political campaigning among campaign supporters in the labour and trade union movement.

RMT in dispute with tube bosses over 'Tube Lines' machinery of negotiations changes


The Lead Officer recently submitted a report regarding LUL's intention to remove members from the TubeLines Machinery and place them into the MATS Council for the purpose of collective bargaining. This move follows the reorganisation of grades covered by both the LUL Machinery of Negotiation and also the TubeLines Machinery of Negotiation, but has not been agreed by RMT.