Defending and improving conditions

Campaigning for better working conditions

RMT out organising with ABM Cleaners

Report on ABM Tube Cleaners RMT Ballot Campaign Activities

*Workplace Visits*

Today we visited cleaner members & non members on the North End of the Bakerloo Line, the South End of the Northern Line & Acton Town Depot

Cleaners were leafleted, the importance of a strong YES vote in the ballot was explained, a non-member was joined into the union & members were put into the RMT Cleaners WhatsApp.

*Organising Meeting*

ABM Cleaners' ballot organising meeting

To all LUL Region Branches

Dear Colleagues


As you know we are balloting our ABM members for strike action to secure Staff Travel, proper Sick Pay and a decent Pension for all.

The ballot opens this Monday 28th October with a closing date of Tuesday 19th November 2019. Myself and our National Executive Committee member, Andy Littlechild are calling a meeting for all Branch Secretaries and Chairs on Monday 28th October commencing at 14.00 hours in Unity House.

RMT win: no more 'double' meal breaks on trains

Spare Turns Meal Break Victory for RMT

The dispute on the Central line is paying dividends for drivers across the combine. Following a massive Yes vote for strike action the RMT has been in talks about a number of issues, one of which is the unsafe and unfair practice of forcing spare drivers to have 2 meal breaks. This would usually involve taking a break as soon as a driver signs on followed by 5.15 of work and then
another break followed by more work.

Mass meeting called: have your say on the tube pay dispute

31st July 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 - London Underground


The National Executive Committee has taken the decision to arrange a mass members meeting for all London Underground members with the Senior Assistant General Secretary, NEC, Lead Officer and Negotiating Team in attendance to provide an update and discuss the 2019 pay review.

Proposed new Revenue Control accomodation inadequate


That we note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council and the announcement from the company that they are to move all Revenue Control Inspectors into inadequate accommodation.

We instruct the General Secretary to arrange a meeting asap of our H&S and IR RCI representatives, Stations Safety Council, Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and NEC members in attendance.

Members to be advised by email & text.

Newsletter: RMT secures significant victory on Heathrow Group

A station worker assists a passenger

Workers on the Heathrow Group have secured a significant victory, after an RMT campaign against lone work achieved an agreement from management.

Key to this achievement was the decision of the local branch to ballot both station staff and Night Tube drivers for industrial action, showing that when workers stand together and prepare to take action, we can win concessions from our bosses.

See the attached bulletin for more details.

RMT Bakerloo News July 2019

Here is the latest issue of Bakerloo News. Please download and distribute it in your Bakerloo Line workplace.

In this edition:

- Cleaners: prepare to strike!
- Win on MYB mess room
- Hot weather debacle
- SRT staff demand proper training