Engie - implementation of new contracts


I write to update members on the developments relating to the proposed implementation of new contracts of employment for members who had previously been self-employed and working for Engie.

With the introduction of the different parts of the IR35 legislation the vast majority of those who had been self-employed have been taken onto Engie's payroll.

It was raised by your representatives that there were some issues with these newly issued contracts. The contracts contained some minor errors, however other parts potentially meant that staff could be expected to work abroad after 28 days' notice had been provided and were much more concerning.

Several meetings have been held with members and talks took place with Engie management. All clauses of the new contracts were explored, and clarifications and amendments were made where necessary. Members were subsequently consulted on the changes made, which were then accepted.

Your National Executive Committee has considered a report from the lead officer and noted that owing to the representations made by reps from our LU Engineering Branch an acceptable contract of employment has been achieved for our members.

Your NEC has commended the work of our reps and officers in securing employed status for most of our members working for Engie.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will of course keep you updated on any further developments.