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Campaigning for higher health and safety standards at work, and opposing the employers' shortcuts

Bakerloo News January 2019

Bakerloo News has all the latest updates from the RMT Bakerloo branch.

In this edition:

  • Union action wins concessions

  • Fight goes on: hold the bosses to their commitments

  • Access all areas?

  • Organising on the SRT

  • Challenging unsafe practices on North Group

  • Red tabards

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Lack of adequate cover at Hendon Central Group


That we note the resolution from our Camden 3 Branch regarding the lack of adequate cover for stations on the Hendon Central Group; resulting in unsatisfactory practices such as unacceptable levels of lone working.

This NEC opposes the company putting cost above passenger and staff safety.

We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of the NEC without delay.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Imposition of red tabards

Subject: RED TABARDS, STATION STAFF – LONDON UNDERGROUND That we note with concern of our Bakerloo Line Branch that the company have ignored our members health & safety concerns expressed by their representatives and have imposed the new red tabards on stations staff. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of the NEC without delay. Bakerloo Line Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Waterloo & City Line ballot called


That we note the current live ballot mandate to protect our members and travelling public from the company’s cavalier approach to detrainment is about to expire due to
the government anti-trades union laws; and that we need to conduct another ballot to assist our members to continue working safely.

RMT prepares to ballot over new 'HOT' procedure

That we note the resolution from our Piccadilly & District West Branch, and are stunned that given the contentious historical nature of this matter which places the travelling public and our members in danger; that the company have again put forward a procedure without adequate consultation, and imposed it on staff despite our H&S representatives raising serious concerns about it.

RMT is fully opposed to the opening of unattended bags as part of the HOT protocol

Following a bomb in a bag being left on a train at North Greenwich back in 2016 concerns were raised by the RMT about the effectiveness of the HOT protocol. In response meetings were held with LU at which members of LU’s Security team stated that the opening of unattended bags was part of the HOT protocol, something that came as a surprise to everyone except LU’s Security team.