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Stations Health and Safety News, March 2020

In response to the companies statement from TfL’s Head of Occupational Health that stated “where people need to work closely to each other (within two meters) they can continue” we implore you to not take unnecessary risks.

Please do not interpret this in such a way that leads you to think this is ‘business as usual’. It is NOT ‘business as usual’ and there are multiple ways to change how we do things SAFELY without putting each other at risk.

We believe the advice from TfL is unhelpful and could lead to staff putting themselves at risk and we have asked our Regional Organiser to urgently raise this with the Managing Director.

On Wednesday Tier 2 are holding a Zoom Workshop for all local Health and Safety station reps, led by RMT Tutor Janine Booth. If you have not received an invite please contact Cat Cray.

Social Distancing measures on stations
Due to the lack of clear guidance from the company on how to implement social distancing on stations, here are a few ideas:

  • Marking up station layout diagrams to display in control rooms - marking where and when meal breaks will be taken and where PNR’s can be taken. Keeping one room empty for use of staff taking an unplanned short notice​ PNR for example.
  • Having a written protocol for amount of staff in a control room at any one time with markings on the floor to assist.
  • Implementing congestion and control measures at entrances and exits and interchange points instead of at​,gatelines.
  • Staggering gateline control - closing every other gate to space customers out and slow down the in flow on entry but keeping aware of the importance to evacuate quickly in an emergency.
  • Considering the importance of not over saturating customer with PAs. Stripping them back efficiently.
  • Closing of every other POM. (although I still firmly believe they should all be turned of)
  • Ensuring all routes to washing facilities are clearly marked up on station layouts and the route to them kept unobstructed.
  • “pandemic special rosters” which are locally arranged and agreed that may include shorter shifts or longer rest periods or working from home arrangements. 

To continue reading, please download the attached poster. You can also print it out and distribute it in your station.