Health and safety

Campaigning for higher health and safety standards at work, and opposing the employers' shortcuts

Safety rep has pay deducted for doing union duty

Local trains health and safety rep, Gary Fitzpatrick, was recently deducted a day’s pay in a case which demonstrates the warped priorities of our management at the moment. Safety continues to be ignored in favour of keeping the service running at all costs, and union reps continue to be harassed and bullied for trying to protect their members.

Safety ignored after lift failure

Five Rounders? You're Having a Laugh!

By a majority of 3 to 1 on a high turnout, RMT drivers on the Victoria line have voted for strike action and action short of a strike against local management’s attempt to impose 5-rounder duties on the line. The unions had an agreement with the company that there would be no more than four rounders in any duty because of the hot and noisy conditions on the line and the detrimental effect on morale that these turns


Readers will remember that in the May edition of Monthly News we reported on a serious breach of safety at Blackhorse Road when the station was left open at the insistence of a DSM despite both escalators being out of action and contrary to the Congestion Control Evacuation Plan (CCEP). Alarmingly, the CCEP was broken again recently, this time at Tottenham Hale.

The 2tone high tone Bakerloo Hokey Cokey

Whoever thought this up …..?
When trains arrive on Stonebridge Park reception roads, drivers on the Bakerloo line are being instructed to cut the high tone whistle out.
Then we have to cut it in.
Then out.
Then in
Then shake it all about!
All because depot staff are accidentally operating the high tone whistle in confined spaces.
Not train operators doing it in error have you noticed.

Train incident management - serious safety concerns

Your Trains Safety Council reps write ... The letter below from HM Inspector of Railways to London Underground raises serious concerns about how seriously LU treats the safety of its staff and passengers alike. The Rule Book has been thrown out the window and safety systems after a SPAD have been ignored. Please bring this letter to the attention of all our members.

Trip Cock Test Farce On The Bakerloo Line

Bakerloo line drivers were subject to what can only be described as keystone cops style of management during the first day of this weekend’s shutdown.
Seemingly making it up on the hoof, management instructed drivers to keep trains in service even when failing the trip cock tester.
Apparently the requirement for a second person in the cab was sufficient to run a safe railway.
This goes against all the basic principles we are taught when joining LUL!

The Neasden Flyer - Special Summer Edition

newsletterPlease find attached the Special Summer Edition of The Neasden Flyer. You can read the text below:

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the WPK depot!

Local Members and Representatives know too well how hot summer temperatures can get underground. So when you are relieved for meal break, you would expect to have your meal break in comfortable, temperature controlled conditions, right?

Clip-On Sunglasses For Spectacle-Wearing Train Operators

This memo from London Underground management, dated 16 July 2009, outlines the arrangements for clip-on sunglasses for drivers who wear specs.

Reminder Of Arrangements For The Issue Of Clip-On Sunglasses To Spectacle-Wearing Train Operators

In 2002, in order to assist spectacle-wearing Train Operators to better manage glare whilst driving, the Trains Health and Safety Council endorsed the issue of clip-on sunglasses. Arrangements were put in place for those spectacle-wearing Train Operators who wanted them, to be issued with free made-to-measure clip-on sunglasses via the Department of Optometry at City University.

Your Legal Rights - Safety

1) The principal safety legislation in the land, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (Section 7) states:

The employee has a duty in:

“taking reasonable care for your own health & safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or don’t do”

2) Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, as amended, employees have the right not to be dismissed, selected for redundancy or subjected to any detriment on the following grounds:

RMT AGM: Questioning the General Secretary's Report

Refusal to work on the grounds of safety - rights for pregnant women and new mothers

At RMT's AGM, the General Secretary presents a written report, and delegates can question and comment on it. These are the two points that I raised:


There are two issues that are not in the Report, which I think should have been.


Firstly, refusal to work on the grounds of safety.