Jubilee Line Route Locking Procedure

This is a circular written by the tier 2 health and safety reps and fully endorsed by Regional organiser Steve Hedley.

Jubilee line route locking or passing over points with no route secure illuminated

What is this?

A procedure that will allow the control room to move a train in restricted manual (RM), that has passed an RS (route secure) sign over points without the need to scotch and clip those points before moving the train.


Stating the obvious, to save time with any delay. Though it does prevent the need for staff to go on to the track and scotch and clip.


Using the ATP signalling system, the signaller will be able to secure and confirm the points are set using information from the VCC and other computers in the control room.

What’s wrong?

Although the procedure has been talked about and procedures for training and workplace risk assessments, we are only mid way through the consultation process, the Tier 2 control room reps have had no release to discuss and comment on the moves and paperwork, which means we cannot endorse or agree to this process until then. Off record discussion points to this being director lead, so I presume they want Boris Johnson off their collective backs, but what does this do to your back??

What next?

Until all consultation (including control room tier 2 reps) has been completed, this procedure must not be used, I cannot stress this enough, and we are not in a position to say yes it’s safe, and until we can have all those involved agreeing the process you must not take part in any “new RS procedure”

The RMT working towards a safer tube system for all.