Jubilee Line Route Secure Implementation

From Regional Secretary Steve Hedley

Route Secure Procedure Implementation

Dear members, as you are fully aware there has been a proposed change to the old but very safe “scotch and clip” procedure for passing over points in slow speed were route secure indication cannot be confirmed to the train operator. The following may answer some of your questions.


Not really a couple of small meetings which basically asked what we thought of the proposed change. So what has been agreed so far? Zip, zilch, nowt, nada absolutely nothing.

What if it goes wrong and the train ends up on the floor?

Discussions have been so limited we have to assume as train operators you are ultimately responsible so will ultimately go to CDI?

Why have management taken this course of action?

Ask me an easier question please; the smart money is on Boris Johnson putting pressure on the upgrades director. What can we do? We have tried engaging with management to have some constructive consultation on this issue to no avail so we ask you do the following;

  1. Do not sign for any paperwork on the RS procedure.
  2. Go to your local RMT branch and raise your concerns, the Jubilee RMT branches have asked for a ballot for action short of strike action as protection for train operators who feel unsafe using this new RS procedure and who would like to stick with the tried, trusted and known safe way of working “the scotch and clip” procedure. This is not something that has been done lightly, we do firmly believe that this current process has been rushed and could be unsafe. Management have also refused to delay this procedure whilst we look into whether it will actually work and more importantly whilst signal and train operators get some training on this change? We do not know what more we could have done to engage management on this issue.

The RMT working for a safer railway for all.