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Trains Health and Safety Council Newsletter March 2009

The new issue of the Trains Health and Safety Council Newsletter reports on the ongoing PTI fiasco,
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PTI Fiasco: How confident are you in your OPO equipment?

Bakerloo Line Elephant drivers tier 1 meeting. 6.3.2009

At the recent Tier 1 we had the opportunity to raise some issues with Bakerloo Line Managers. This is a brief outline of what discussions took place;

Route Proving.

Management seem to have got themselves into a bit of a 2 and 8 over this. They state Tier 2 reps have been consulted, and that validates their responsibilities to consult with us prior to new procedures being adopted. They then say Tier 1 reps were offered and declined consultation.

Excessive Wheel /Flange Squeal

We at the Bakerloo Line have been subjected to ear splitting excess wheel screech for the past 4 months. Originally drivers were told to wear their ear defenders. These would be the ones SQE told us we don't need. The ones that are no longer part of our PPE. We have asked for a local investigation into the root cause of the problems. Surprisingly our PM turned this down!! It is now time to up the ante.

WRONG SIDE DOORS - Another driver pays the price for company’s unsafe system

Carl Campbell is the latest Victoria Line driver to pay the ultimate price for the lack of investment by Victoria Line management in Correct Side Door Enable equipment (CSDE), enjoyed by drivers on all other London Underground lines. In fact, Carl paid the price despite the fact that the panel at his Company Disciplinary Interview accepted the video evidence that the pilot light could have only “flickered” off and on and that the doors could not have been open in any reasonable interpretation of the word.

Serious OPO Safety Concerns On The Bakerloo Line Update

As a result of RMT reps harassment of management, we have been able to secure a local investigation into the disturbing events that took place on Saturday February 7 at Piccadilly Circus,which resulted in the absolute loss of confidence in the OPO monitors. This will enable us to drill down exactly the failings that occurred. We shall also be questioning the flagrant disregard of the procedure following an employees refusal to work under the grounds of Health & Safety.

Serious OPO Safety Concerns On The Bakerloo Line

This weekend has raised serious questuions about the robustness of the fabled datum mark alignment system. A driver reported that although the datum marks looked as though all was well,he was unable to see a set of double doors at the front of the train. This raised a real concern as to the confidence we can place in this system,and as a result the driver asked for all Cat A staion platforms to have a member of staff to enable safe despatch. This reasonable request was surprisingly turned down.

How Long Before Someone Dies?

Two recent ‘wrong-side door openings’ by drivers on the Victoria line have highlighted a potentially lethal anomaly concerning that line. Trains on all lines have a ‘correct side door enable’ (CSDE) system built in, a system which prevents drivers from accidentally opening train doors on the wrong side. All lines, that is, except the Vic! Yes, believe it or not, the Victoria line does NOT have CSDE, despite the potentially lethal consequences of a wrong-side door opening event. So how did this come to be?

X marks the spot!

RMT urges LUL to withdraw ‘dangerous’ doors instruction

RMT press release, issued today

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union has urged the company to withdraw an “astonishing and potentially highly dangerous” instruction which will require drivers to ask passengers to push carriage doors closed in tunnels.

RMT is seeking urgent discussions with LUL over an ‘Operation Standards Notice’ which will also require drivers to move trains through tunnels even if they are not certain that carriage doors are closed.