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New Attack on Trains Safety: Tripcock Testing to be Cut?

LU management have produced a document which waters down safety checks for trains. Your reps believe that this is a disaster waiting to happen. The document states that during special circumstances, special timetable operation, abnormal service patterns, failure of trip-cock testers, there is no requirement to test trip-cocks every trip. Every 48 hours or so seems good enough for LU.

As far as RMT is concerned, trip-cocks must be tested every trip regardless of other circumstances.

OEP: Unions Knock Back Unsafe Plans for LU Drivers

Some good news for a change! Over the past 6 months the Trains Safety Council have been reporting on LU’s proposal to introduce a series of safety critical changes to the role of driver, the Operational Effectiveness Programme. These have included: reversing 'blind' back into a platforms after an over-run, drivers self-dispatching at category ‘A’ platforms with defective OPO, checking signal aspect after SPAD and carrying on etc.

Six And Out!!

The strike on Tuesday September 7 was magnificently supported by Train and Station RMT members.
The few and infrequent services that did run on the Bakerloo Line offered little by way of “a world class tube service.” The LU managers supposedly running the railway also decided to throw out tried and tested safety mechanisms put in place following the Kings Cross fire disaster.


Tube union RMT confirmed this morning that support for strike action amongst both TSSA and RMT members’ remains rock solid as the two unions continue their fight for tube safety and safe staffing levels.

RMT are also filing reports this morning with the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) detailing clear breaches of safety regulations:

London Underground playing “fast and loose” with safety as strike looms

TUBE UNION RMT today accused London Underground of “playing fast and loose” with safety in the run up to strike action starting later today as the union revealed that tube management have issued a call volunteers to try and run services regardless of whether they have the necessary Operational Licences.

RMTv: Pat Sikorski Discusses LUL Job Cuts And Proposed Maintenance Changes During Euston Station Leafletting

Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski discusses cuts to jobs at LU and changes to maintenance routines at London Underground. The interview took place whilst RMT activists were leafletting passengers at Euston station.

In the interview, conducted with Geoff Martin, Pat explains "We're telling everyone here at Euston that it's cuts in jobs in stations like this that is going to cost lives in the future....we had a fire in an escalator, the alarm failed to go off - it took alert station staff members to evacuate the station and save lives"

Euston Station Passengers To Be Warned of Staff Cuts Safety Risks Following Undetected Fire Beneath Escalator

Aftermath of the King's Cross fire
(A picture of a Dalmatian)

TUBE UNION RMT is to leaflet rush-hour passengers at Euston station this Wednesday morning over cuts to safety and safety-critical jobs following revelations that fire detection systems at the station failed last month creating the potential for a major disaster that was only avoided by the actions of a vigilant member of station staff.

RMT also confirmed today that it has written to London Underground requesting that all fire detection equipment at sub-surface stations be inspected within the next 72 hours under Section 12 Fire Regulations which were introduced after Kings Cross.

Euston Escalator Fire Exposes Lethal Consequences Of Axing Tube Staff

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded a full external investigation into an escalator fire at Euston station four weeks ago where smoke detection systems failed and the station was only safely evacuated through the experience and vigilance of station-based staff. RMT have this morning referred the matter to the safety regulator the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR).

The Euston fire, which has close parallels with the Kings Cross disaster in 1987 one stop up the line, was caused by mechanical friction in the closed chamber underneath an escalator igniting accumulated dust. The incident happened on the 6th July.