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Asbestos Contamination, Central Line (East End)

RMT General Grades Committee decision ...

That we note the absence of a reply from London Underground on this matter. We instruct the General Secretary to urgently contact the company demanding a reply.

We also seek the views of the relevant branch, Stratford no.1, on how this matter should be pursued, and instruct the General Secretary to place this matter back in front of the GGC once those views have been received.

Leaked Internal Document Exposes TfL Lie That Job Cuts Won’t Lead To Unstaffed Stations

TUBE UNION RMT today repeated its call for a halt to the TfL jobs cuts programme after a leaked internal London Underground document, passed to the union, confirmed that the management claim that they have no plans for unstaffed stations as a result of the cuts is a total lie.

“There are a number of stations across the network which is [sic] left unstaffed from time to time. Where this is the case without LLPA there is no audible means of providing service disruption information to customers on platforms. With the OSP [station staff job cuts programme] and future station staffing changes it may become more of an issue at more locations more frequently.”

Tube Job Cuts Hit London Terror Targets

IN A NEW analysis of the London Underground station job cuts plans RMT has revealed that major terrorist targets are right in the front line of the proposed reductions in staffing numbers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “At a time of heightened terrorist alert it is gross negligence on the part of LUL to be hacking back the numbers of station based staff at key targets like Canary Wharf, Parliament and the Bank of England."

Boris Johnson On The Safety Of Londoners During LFB Union Strike

In an interview on LBC Radio, Boris Johnson is asked "For the record, the mayor of London believes London will be adequately protected from fire by twenty-seven appliances crewed by part time staff, trained for on average two weeks." Boris didn't confirm the safety of the plans, dodging the question by answering 'The preparations were perfectly good.'

ACAS Talks Update

RMT reps have been back at ACAS over the last couple of days, following on from Wednesday's solid strike. ACAS continues to host a review of London Underground's job-cutting plans.

Now, health and safety reps are working on specific scenarios comparing how safety standards would be maintained comparing current staffing levels with the proposed, lower levels. Meanwhile, stations reps have compiled a report that shows that LU figures used to justify ticket office cuts are inaccurate and that therefore the numbers should be revised.

The review will continue on Tuesday.

Advice and information on safety during FBU strikes

The Fire Brigade Union have now called off the strike planned for this weekend

The next London FBU strike runs from 10am Friday 5 November until 9am Sunday 7 November.

1. The Health and Safety Executive is investigating lack of training of AssetCo staff, who are used as 'cover' during FBU strikes - read more here.

2. Click here to read ASLEF's advice on safety concerns during FBU strikes.

3. The FBU has provided us with the following information:

Fire Brigade capabilities during periods of strike action by members of the Fire Brigade union on incidents on the underground network in London

FBU Strike: Pro forma for refusal to work on safety grounds

This coming Saturday (23 October), FBU members in the London Fire Brigade will be on strike. this will mean that the LFB will not be available to provide its usual fire protection service to London Underground.

Click '1 attachment'/ file name to download a pro forma that you can use to invoke London Underground Ltd's safety procedures in the face of any threat to your health and safety. Please download and submit to your manager should you feel that the absence of fire cover places you and/or others in serious and imminent danger.

London Underground Fleet Maintenance Staff Announce Action Over Safety-Critical Cuts

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed this morning that following a massive vote for action London Underground fleet maintenance staff members have been instructed to work only to process instructions (vehicle maintenance instructions), not to carry out higher grade working and not to cooperate with staff movements away from home locations. This action will commence from 00.01 hours on Tuesday 26th October 2010 and will have a major impact.

Young report ‘a hatchet job’ on health and safety, says RMT

LORD YOUNG’S report on health and safety is a hatchet-job based on prejudice that will do nothing to reduce workplace injuries, deaths and industrial disease, transport union RMT says today.

Under cover of simplifying the regime, freeing businesses from ‘unnecessary bureaucratic burdens’ and ending a ‘compensation culture’ that does not exist, the real aim of the report is to pave the way for a slashing of health and safety budgets, the union says.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: