Campaigning for better pay

LTRC Pay 2019 Bulletin

Pay talks are underway and with no offer on the table from LU for our pay rise this April we need to start mobilising members to fight for our demands:

32h 4day week

Substantial pay rise with flat rate minimum to benefit lower paid grades

Priv for all

Abolish CSA2 on stations

Plus other elements included in our pay submission.

Please download and distribute the LTRC newsletter. Printed copies will be available from Unity House later this week.

LU Pay Talks Update

The third day of London Underground pay talks took place yesterday (Wednesday 13th March). RMT Regional Organiser, John Leach, attended with reps from the seven Functional Councils RMT has recognition on. The company had previously asked us to remove a number of items from our pay claim before they would make us a financial offer. We refused this request and returned yesterday to continue to engage in meaningful talks with the company. There were discussions about improving staff travel facilities and also around our demand for a 32 hour, 4 day working week.

RMT secures 3.8% pay rise on DLR


That we note the report from the Regional Organiser in which he advises that the following pay offer has been tabled:-

A 3.8% increase for Systems Technicians and General Operatives.

Having consulted with our Representatives, the Regional Organiser is requesting that the offer is accepted without the need for a referendum.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to advise the company of our acceptance of their offer.

RMT London Underground Pay Claim 2019

The RMT pay claim for 2019 is attached. Please download it to read all the demands it has for tube staff, and share it with your colleagues. Summary of demands This document represents the RMT’s application on behalf of our members working for London Underground Ltd for an improvement in pay and conditions of service. Over the course of this document we will address the following issues: 1. A substantial pay award 2. A minimum flat rate increase for those on the lowest salaries 3. Reduction in the working week 4. Family friendly policies 5. Full travel facilities for all 6.

Stratford Depot News January 2019: Pay claim update

Stratford Depot News is the newsletter for drivers at Stratford depot and across the Jubilee Line. It is produced by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • A New Pay Claim For 2019 - The all grades pay claim will be led by the all grades union

  • Level 1 meeting update

  • Pool table coming to Fleet House

  • When unions laugh at job cuts, we all lose

  • New RMT Learner Rep

Please download the attached newsletter for all the latest info.

Cleshar and Morson members to be balloted over pay


That we note the resolution from our LU Engineering Branch regarding the unsatisfactory rate of pay for members working in Cleshars Ltd and Morsons
International; and that both companies are acting in concert to deny our members a pay rise.

We applaud our members will to address this through Industrial Action, and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to advise both Cleshars and Morsons we
are now in dispute and to:

RMT calls on London mayor to ensure cleaners wages are paid


That we note the completely unacceptable treatment of our cleaner members; getting paid on time for work done is one requirement that is sacrosanct to all our members, and we will not allow this non-payment of wages to continue or responsibility for this to be avoided by Premier Work Support or ABM via some paper-thin manoeuvre, where each blame the other and our members rights fall down between the two!