Night Tube

News and updates on LU's plan to scrap the Night Tube grade.


Update on today's Night Tube dispute meeting

Constructive and good natured talks took place this morning at Baker Street between LUL and the Movement's committee over Night Tube Driver's going Full Time.

We provided a number of constructive suggestions to the Director and his colleagues to slove the dispute including nominations being called by date of nomination order and additionally we looked at ways Night Tube Driver's could be called before 18 month's.

Night Tube drivers - check your depot nominations

At the last Movements Committee meeting on Thursday 2nd March, Operations Resourcing said that they believed around 175 of the 206 Night Tube Drivers had now nominated Full-Time Depot positions. 

It's important that every Night Tube Train Operator checks with their AG1 or Local Management team to ensure that if they have nominated a Depot their name is on the correct waiting list.

Ballot of Night Tube drivers commences


Further to my previous Circular (IR/65/17, 15th February 2017), I can now advise that ballot papers will be posted to all Night Tube Train Operators on Friday 24th February and the closing date for this ballot is Tuesday 14th March 2017. If any Night Tube Train Operator does not receive their ballot paper please ask them to call the Freephone helpline number on 0800 376 3706 so a replacement can be sent.

RMT goes into dispute over discriminatory treatment of Night Tube drivers

The following resolution was recently received from the London Transport Regional Council:-
“This Union deplores the decision of LUL to prevent NT Drivers (TO23) from moving to full-time (TO21) positions for a period of at least 18 months. TO21 jobs are currently being advertised internally, all other staff including part-time NT Station Staff are eligible to apply, but NT Drivers are not.

Night Tube News November 2016

Dear fellow Night Tube staff

From next Wednesday, RMT stations and revenue staff will be refusing to work overtime, as part of our campaign to restore cut jobs and improve working conditions for all station staff. That includes us. I am writing to urge you to take part in this action - in order words, NOT to work overtime.

Safe working for Night Tube Train Operators

As you all know Night Tube has been with us since mid August and will be across five lines by mid December.

Following the decision to employ NT Train Operators, the RMT made clear to LUL that we expected the same safety arrangements to be in place during night work as exists during the rest of the working day and that NT Train Operators,whilst working specific shifts, should feel as safe as their full time colleagues.

Significant win for Tube Lines members

The RMT have achieved a significant victory in the Tube Lines Pay, Pensions and Night Tube disputes. A good pay deal has been secured, as well as pension parity for all Tube Lines members.  This long running dispute has been won because of the hard work of RMT activists and representatives.

The letter below from General Secretary Mick Cash outlines the dispute, and the full deal is attached.

In Solidarity,

John Leach

London Transport Regional Organiser

Letter from General Secretary 

Night Tube Drivers to get fair choice on New Years Eve working and equal bonus payment

London Underground has agreed with the RMT about the fairest way to operate services on New Years Eve.

Now all Night Tube drivers will have the opportunity to either work or apply for annual leave on NYE, but if they choose to work they will be paid the same enhancements as full time drivers who volunteer. This has been a prolonged process – taking many months to achieve – but at last we have a position which is both fair and consistent with current procedures.