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News and updates on LU's plan to scrap the Night Tube grade.


Victoria Line Night Tube Ballot Called Off


Further to my previous Circular (IR/200/16, 19th July 2016), I informed the Company of the dispute situation between us over the proposed rosters for Victoria Line Train Operator and Instructor Operator members. Since then, further meetings have taken place with the Company and RMT Reps. LUL has offered an additional review of the new rosters after eight weeks although Reps can also continue to raise any immediate concerns in the usual way.

Trains Functional update on Night Tube, 4 day week and recruitment freeze

Today (Tuesday 24th May) we had the latest in a series of meetings regarding Night Tube (NT) and the proposed trial 4 day, 36 hour week (4DW).
(Background - As part of our dispute resolution LUL agreed to look at trialling a 4DW on the Jubilee line. This was to be negotiated at a Company Council Trains Sub-Group (CCTSG) at the same time as we negotiated the introduction of NT and the long term reduction of weekend working, and the option for current drivers (TO21s) to work reduced hours.)
Night Tube

RMT Jubilee South Branch Meeting - 4 day week and Night Tube update

RMT Jubilee South branch meetings are held on pay day each month, at 1600 in a private room above the Blue Eyed Maid pub in Borough High Street. The closest tube station is London Bridge.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8th of June.

Functional and Health & Safety Reps will be at our next branch meeting to give important updates and to take questions.

Come along to hear:

RMT Tube Lines members vote by massive majority for action in Night Tube pay and pensions dispute

Tube union RMT confirmed today that a ballot of Tube Lines maintenance and engineering staff over Night Tube, pay and pensions has recorded an overwhelming vote for action.

Over 85% voted for strike action with an even larger majority for action short of a strike.

Trains Functional Update: Night Tube and Four Day Week Trial

As you all maybe aware we are now in the process of working together with LUL to sort out the detail regarding the staffing of Night Tube, such as their contracts and rosters. This includes how they will be managed on Nights, transfers and moves and ways for them to progress from part time drivers to full time and their future development. We are also going to have to work out what will happen to depots with existing Nights as well as Night Tube duties, because depots with existing night duties will now NOT be working on Friday and Saturday night as these will be Night Tube duties only.

Circular: LUL pay and Night Tube referendum result

Further to my previous Circular (IR/0037/16, 18th February 2016), the referendum has concluded and the result is as follows:-
Question: Are you prepared to accept the Company’s offer?
Total Votes Cast…              3414
Number Voting ‘Yes’…         2879
Number Voting ‘No’…          532
Spoilt Papers…                   3

Tube maintenance workers reject Night Tube pay offer


Further to my previous Circular (IR/029/16, 5th February 2016) the meeting with Tube Lines Reps, the Senior Assistant General Secretary, National Executive Committee and Lead Officer took place at Unity House on Tuesday 23rd February to discuss Pay, Night Tube and Pensions.

Pay & Night Tube

RMT Upfront March 2016 - newsletter for London Underground Train Operators

Upfront is the RMT newsletter for drivers on the London Underground.  Please share it online and distribute it at your depot.

In this edition:

  • Pay & Night Tube ballot result: it's a YES

  • Stay safe - make sure traction current is switched off

  • Central line incident exposes danger of driverless trains

  • Union action sees rules for filming in cabs established

  • Breaches of agreements lead to second Piccadilly Line ballot