LU Fleet branch

Includes fleet maintenance staff employed by Metronet and TubeLines

Resolution: Economic Crisis

This resolution, submitted by LU Fleet branch, was passd unanimously by the August meeting of the Regional Council.

Branch notes:

That the economic crisis, internationally and domestically, is leading to soaring unemployment, insecurity and devastation of communities.

UK unemployment is well over 2 million and headed sharply upwards. But much worse is to come. Nearly half a million people have now been unemployed for at least 12 months.

RMT warns of new PPP collapse on Tube as £2 billion funding row erupts between TfL and Tube Lines

Tube union RMT warned today of another potential privatisation collapse on the Tube as a £2 billion funding row broke out between Tube Lines and Transport for London which could put essential works and thousands of jobs at risk in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

Tube Lines, which holds the contract for the repairs and refurbishment of the Piccadilly, Northern and Jubilee Lines, has attempted to hack £2 billion from it's estimated costs of £ 7.2 billion on the work programme for the next seven and half years with a significant scaling back of the scope of the planned works.

Resolution: Reverse Privatisation

This resolution, submitted by LU Fleet and Piccadilly & District West branches, was passed unanimously at the July meeting of the Regional Council.

The RMT has always taken a firm stand against privatisation and contracting out of work. We should step up our campaign for all infrastructure work, cleaning, catering and other work associated with London Underground to be integrated into LUL and the staff currently employed taken in house on LU pay and conditions.

Resolution: Blame the bosses and the bankers - jobs for all - workers should not pay for the crisis

This resolution, submitted by LU Fleet and TfL no.1 branches, was passed at the April meeting of the Regional Council, with 10 votes in favour, none against and 3 abstentions.

The economic crisis threatens the jobs and living standards of billions of people across the world. It is essential that the trade union and labour movement fights to prevent the bosses and governments making workers pay for their crisis.

Resolution: Defend Redeployment Rights in TubeLines

The following resolution, submitted by LU Fleet branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously at the April meeting of the Regional Council ...

Following the reorganisation of admin and HR roles in TubeLines operations some of our members were displaced to the redeployment pool.

As a consequence of the reorganisation one of the HR assistant posts has remained vacant despite three attempts to fill it internally.

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2009, Redundancies and Breach of Agreements – REW Metronet Acton Works

From RMT official circular IR.114/09, dated 1st April 2009

I am writing to advise you that the Union is holding a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike over a number of very important issues.

Metronet Redundancies

This emergency resolution, submitted by LU Fleet branch, was passed unanimously by the February meeting of the Regional Council.

This Branch calls upon the RMT Executive to call a strike ballot of all members in Metronet (London Underground) if the following demand is not met.

We require a written guarantee from Metronet (London Underground) that they recognise and accept that we have a no compulsory redundancy agreement under the PPP Code of Practice and therefore will not impose any compulsory redundancies on Metronet (London Underground) staff.

Loss of Earnings When Representing Alsthom Members.

This resolution, proposed by LU Fleet branch, was defeated at the February meeting of the Regional Council.

Within the L U Fleet Branch there are no problems representing members who work for Tube Lines and Metronet. However there is often a problem with appropriate representation where Alsthom is concerned, especially when it comes to the more difficult areas where a more experienced rep is necessary.

Metronet is Back in LUL - But TUPE Transfer Concerns Remain


RMT Members on Metronet are rightly pleased to be returning to London Underground Ltd and public ownership after 5 years in the private sector. Though no one seemed to be listening at the time; the RMT said all along that “the PPP would end in tears”, and foresaw the huge waste of millions of pounds of tax payers money “disappearing” out to the Metronet shareholders!



Metronet Transfer to LUL

From Circular No. IR 283, November 27 2008

Dear Colleagues,


Further to my circular of 30th October 2008, I can confirm that the above consultation process has now commenced and RMT will be making every effort to ensure that jobs and conditions are fully protected. This process will be ongoing up to and beyond the transfer of members back into LUL.

In the meantime, in order to comply with the TUPE regulations, the employers have confirmed the following: