Loss of Earnings When Representing Alsthom Members.

This resolution, proposed by LU Fleet branch, was defeated at the February meeting of the Regional Council.

Within the L U Fleet Branch there are no problems representing members who work for Tube Lines and Metronet. However there is often a problem with appropriate representation where Alsthom is concerned, especially when it comes to the more difficult areas where a more experienced rep is necessary.

Whilst we have many reps from Tube Lines and Metronet who are prepared to take on these roles they are not entitled to release from their respective employers and so the burden of loss of earnings falls to the Branch.

In previous years the Branch has done its best to cover these costs. However due to the increase in these types of representations it is no longer financially feasible for this to continue.

L U Fleet Branch call upon the council of executives to agree to reimburse our Tube Lines and Metronet representatives loss of earnings when representing members who work for other companies and would therefore not be entitled to paid release.