LU Fleet branch

Includes fleet maintenance staff employed by Metronet and TubeLines

LU Company Council Representation- Regional Council 26th May

The following resolution submitted by LU Fleet branchand was carried at the May 26th Meeting of the Regional Council

Under the new machinery,the RMT only has 3 Reps allowed to attend the LUCC,at the moment this consists of I Train Operator Rep,1 Stations Rep and a full time officer.

Due to LU Fleet and LU Engineering sections now coming under this machinery,this branch feels that the representation balance is now not right.

RMT Welcomes Return of Alstom Jubilee Contract to Public Ownership

RMT GGC adopted the following report:

We welcome the transfer of the train maintenance contract on London Underground’s Jubilee Line from the privately-owned Alstom to the publicly-owned Tube Lines. This comes at a time when the Jubilee Line is plagued by delays and disruptions, and illustrates that this union was right to campaign against the contracting-out of this work.

RMT to Ballot Northumberland Park Fleet Members for Action against Victimisation

RMT GGC decision:

That we note the resolution from our LU Fleet branch, and share our branch’s concern about the treatment of our members. It is wholly unacceptable that our members should face investigation for an alleged branch of the Internet and Email policy in 2008, when they were in effect working for a different company, especially as the allegations against them are of a minor nature.

Oppose The Cuts-carried at Regional Council meeting on May 26th 2011

This Resolution submitted by LU Fleet and amended by Piccadilly and District west was carried at the Regional council meeting on 26th May

Oppose the Cuts.

This Region opposes:

·The vicious attacks by the ConDem government on public services and working class people.

·The idea that public services should be cut in order to bail out the banks.

·Privatization and cuts to public services, whether NHS, education, civil service, transport industry or local authority, and will resist them.

This Region believes:


Opposing the EDL

This resolution submitted by LU Fleet branch was carried by the February meeting of the Regional Council:

This Regional CouncilNotes -

1 - This Regional Council notes the recent increase in Islamophobia, racism and fascism across Europe, such as the openly fascist Hungarian Jobbik party, France's effective ban on the burka and British Tabloids' demonisation of Muslims.

Resolution - Education: fees and cuts

This resolution, composited from resolutions submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and LU Fleet branch, was carried unanimously by the January meeting of the Regional Council:

Education: fees and cuts

1. This union deplores the ConDem government's action in voting to cut university funding, treble tuition fees and scrap the Education Maintenance Allowace (EMA).

2. We believe that this move will deter working-class people from continuing education, leaving it as a privilege for the few who can afford to pay to study.

Representation of LU Fleet Grades

From Bob Crow, General Secretary:

Our LU Fleet branch submitted a resolution regarding the unfair treatment of our CMO Fleet members as a result of new imposed London Underground machinery, which has in effect resulted in them not getting the representation they deserve.

This matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

Alstom pay and conditions referendum result

The referendum for Alstom Metro Trains Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service has now concluded, the matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

“That we note the result of the referendum ballot as follows Total Votes Cast 73 Number Voting Yes 46 Number Voting No 27 Spoilt 0