Alstom pay and conditions referendum result

The referendum for Alstom Metro Trains Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service has now concluded, the matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

“That we note the result of the referendum ballot as follows Total Votes Cast 73 Number Voting Yes 46 Number Voting No 27 Spoilt 0

“We note this is a clear mandate from our members and having considered the matter we instruct the General Secretary to notify the company of our acceptance. We note further that there are outstanding issues that need to be addressed with this and members to be advised accordingly”

I would like to congratulate our members for the loyalty, solidarity and rock solid support shown during the strike action, which forced management to table a significantly improved offer which is outlined below.

  • 2% increase on basic pay
  • Travel assistance will be increased to 100% up to a value of £1300 for two years at which time it will be reviewed in April 2012
  • Low paid workers will receive an increase in their basic salary of £750 for 2010. Low paid is considered to be under £20,000
  • We will commit to productivity talks with the RMT (incorporating own goals) and where by the improvements suggested by the Union Representatives will add towards funding the 100% attendance scheme. The outline of the scheme needs to be agreed and discussed between the RMT and Alstom Mass Transit.
  • We will commit to meet to discuss “Harmonisation” across Metro trains to include the CRT, Stores and Tech grades.

Once again I thank Alstom members for their determination in this dispute. Nevertheless there are many outstanding issues that need resolving and we will continue our efforts on member’s behalf. I will keep Branches and Regional offices informed of any developments.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow General Secretary