Resolution: Reverse Privatisation

This resolution, submitted by LU Fleet and Piccadilly & District West branches, was passed unanimously at the July meeting of the Regional Council.

The RMT has always taken a firm stand against privatisation and contracting out of work. We should step up our campaign for all infrastructure work, cleaning, catering and other work associated with London Underground to be integrated into LUL and the staff currently employed taken in house on LU pay and conditions.

We further call for LOROL to be taken into public ownership by being integrated into London Underground, instead of being a private contract under TfL. Not only the East London Line, but all of LOROL should be part of a single publicly owned London urban transport service, with pay, pension and conditions and staffing levels agreed with the RMT and other recognised trade unions.

We therefore request that the National Executive consult with the relevant branches with a view to adopting and campaigning for this policy.