Resolution: Defend Redeployment Rights in TubeLines

The following resolution, submitted by LU Fleet branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously at the April meeting of the Regional Council ...

Following the reorganisation of admin and HR roles in TubeLines operations some of our members were displaced to the redeployment pool.

As a consequence of the reorganisation one of the HR assistant posts has remained vacant despite three attempts to fill it internally.

TubeLines has now advertised the vacancy externally despite the fact that there are people in the redeployment pool that are suitable for the post.

This move by TubeLines has very serious implications for all our members in that staff with the Deputy PM's Pledge can be displaced to the redeployment pool and replaced with new staff without the protection of the Pledge.

TubeLines has a duty under the code of practice to find a suitable vacancy within their grade for the displaced staff. If the company succeeds in filling this vacancy externally then the number of suitable posts decreases for those in the redeployment pool.

This branch feels that TubeLines are breaking the principal of the code of practice, and intend to leave members with the pledge languishing in the redeployment pool without a job until they get fed up and leave and replacing them with new unprotected staff. Although the numbers involved at the moment are small it sets a precedent which TubeLines will no doubt exploit as it makes future cuts as the squeeze on its PPP contract intensifies.

This resolution calls on the council of executives to declare a dispute with TubeLines and ballot for industrial action.