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Includes engineering staff of all grades employed by Metronet, TubeLines and contractors. The LUL Engineering branch has a website here and is on Facebook here




Tube Lines Pay Meeting Called


In line with Union policy, a claim was submitted to the Company for a substantial increase in rates of pay and improvements to conditions of service. The Company initially tabled a 0.5% pay increase which was rejected. At a further recent meeting, the Company offered a two year deal which was the same as the offer received from London Underground – a 0.75% increase in year one, an RPI increase in year two and a one-off payment in return for the introduction of Night Tube. Following our rejection of the offer, the Company advised that this was not its final offer and agreed that further meetings would take place.

RMT Engineering Branch Motion Joins Growing Call of Support For Glen Hart

I'm pleased to advise the following was passed unanimously at this evenings meeting of LU Engineering RMT Branch.

Resolution on the Victimisation by LU of Glen Hart RMT Rep.

This branch calls upon the RMT GGC to ballot all grades on LU for strike action and action short of a strike in the event that Glen Hart is dismissed, down graded or given any warning for following instructions from RMT in the EJM dispute.

Glen abided by the instruction of the GGC and his refusal to work overtime was covered by a lawful RMT ballot of members.

Thales Members Vote Yes To Pay Offer


A referendum of our Thales members on the latest pay offer has been held and has since concluded and the result is as follows:-

Total Votes Cast - 67
Number Voting ‘Yes’ - 65
Number Voting ‘No’ - 2
Spoilt Papers - 0

The company has been informed of our members’ acceptance and for your ease of reference the accepted offer is as follows:-

  • All LR1-7 members within GTS will receive a Gain Share Scheme pay out of 4.04%, compared to 1.68% for 2013, of their base pay in the March paybill.

80% Yes Vote For Thales Strike


Further to my previous Circular (IR/70/15, 12th March 2015), the ballot has concluded and the result is as follows:-

Are you prepared to take strike action?
Total Votes Cast 50
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 40
Number Voting ‘No’ 10
Spoilt Papers 0

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?
Total Votes Cast 50
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 40

RMT Referendum on Tube Lines Changes: Reject The Proposals

Referring to my previous Circular (IR/061/15, 2nd March 2015), Branches will recall that a resolution was received from our LU Engineering Branch advising that Tube Lines were imposing changes to our members’ terms and conditions. The General Grades Committee has considered this resolution and instructed me to write to Tube Lines to demand that these arrangements are not imposed and to conduct a referendum of the affected members with a recommendation to reject the proposals. The changes referred to are as follows:-

Thales RMT members at Waterloo&Palestra - Reasons to VOTE YES

Reasons to vote 'YES' in the forthcoming ballot:

NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES: There are vacancies and positions available, so let's fill them with people that are at risk. We believe that there is no need for these people to be worried about losing their jobs and Thales should end their at risk status NOW.

If it can happen to them, it can happen to YOU.

Thales Strike Ballot - Vote Yes

Further to my previous Circular (IR/061/15, 2nd March 2015), the Company has been informed that a dispute situation now exists over the proposed changes to the Services organisation as part of the GTS Optimisation Programme. The proposals include compulsory redundancies and those members left at the Company will be facing worse rosters, shift patterns and terms and conditions. RMT put forward strong counter-proposals during discussions but it is clear that the Company has no intention of changing their plans.

RMT Steadfast Resolve Sees Contract Work Brought Back In House


Further to my previous Circular No. IR/42/14, 30th January 2014, talks aimed at resolving a range of issues affecting our ex-Metronet grades members have taken place at ACAS. These talks were positive and the General Grades Committee has noted the correspondence on file and that the LU Engineering Branch has indicated acceptance of the proposals.