East Ham branch

Includes London Underground station staff from Embankment eastwards, drivers at Upminster and Barking, revenue control based at Whitechapel, and service control at Upminster

'Easthammer' March 2009

The new issue of East Ham branch's newsletter urges all members to vote Yes in the current industrial action ballot. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.

Ballot papers are out! Vote Yes!

Ballot papers will be coming through your door over the next few days. Please make sure that you return your paper regardless of how you intend to vote. Management always make a big deal over those that do not vote. We need to Show them how disgusted we are with this offer. We need a united front to return a massive yes vote. It is in your interest to vote yes for industrial action as a first step to safeguarding your pay and conditions.

Minutes Of R.M.T East Ham Branch April 2009

East Ham Branch Minutes 2nd April 2009 Chairman Chris Tugwell Secretary Andrew Izard ............................................................................................ Started 16.59 Minutes of meeting 05th March 2009 were read and agreed by C. Baillie and J.Watson

Recruitment & Retention:

Joiners and leavers report was read out only one to action. Eastham has had a change of dates! NEW DATE IS NOW THURS 25TH JUNE 09 meeting up at Barking Dog PH at 10:00 am Hands up who can come now please. If not book at surgery day.

Regional Council Report:

Resolution: Management Bullying of Staff

This resolution, submitted by East Ham branch, was withdrawm at the March meeting of the Regional Council as it had been overtaken by events!

That East Ham Branch believes that the tactic of isolated & localised action as seen on London Underground last year was not as effective as it should have been, whilst being strongly supported. It would now be fair to say that local managers are redoubling their efforts to intimidate and bully staff into coming into work sick or face redeployment. This is certainly still happening by the current GSM on East Ham group.

RMT East Ham Branch Official and Representatives for 2009


Secretary: Andy Izard 07765240193

Chairman: Chris Tugwell 07956483158

Membership Sec: I Heath & T Rowntree

Vice Chair: Gordon Craig 07733245979 Treasurer: C Baille Auditors: I Heath & C Fitzgerald Trustees: D Grosvenor B Gillman Trainer Rep G woolf Political Officer R Grogan

Location Upminster Train Depot Industrial Relations: Gordon Craig Health & Safety Reps: Malcolm Collier

Barking Train Depot District Industrial Relations: Ian Heath Health & Safety Reps: Peter Martin

Barking Train Depot H & City

Welcome to the RMT East Ham Branch

Welcome to the RMT East Ham Branch.

We welcome and represent ALL RMT members on the District, H&C (Upminster-Embankment)

This includes Train Drivers, Depot Staff, Station & Revenue Control Staff in our area.

Our branch meets on the 1st Thursday of each month starting 16:30

At The Spotted Dog Pub, 15 Longbridge Road, Barking, IG11 8TN. (Map.)

The nearest tube station is Barking.