East Ham branch

Includes London Underground station staff from Embankment eastwards, drivers at Upminster and Barking, revenue control based at Whitechapel, and service control at Upminster

RMT to Consult Branches over Spreading OSN101 Action to All Grades

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the resolution from our East Ham branch requesting that all grades be balloted for action short of strikes over OSN101 and related issues.

We instruct the General Secretary to urgently seek the views of all our branches with London Underground members and our Regional Council on this matter, and to place their responses in front of us.

London Underground Pay-Regional Council 26th May

The following resolution submitted by East Ham branch was carried at the Regional Council meeting on May 26th.

This Regional Council already has policy that RMT should name a figure that the union aspires to achieve for this year’s pay award. We now resolve that this figure should be 6.5% (ie. February RPI+1%) or £2,500 whichever is higher. We feel that this would give greater benefit to the low paid grades whilst still being reasonable for the higher paid Grades.

Resolution to Regional Council: Escalation of Industrial Action

This resolution, submitted by East Ham branch and seconded by Camden 3 branch, was carried at to the October meeting of the Regional Council:

This Regional Council notes:

The 24hr strikes and the action short of strike on London Underground have been a very successful in shifting the dynamic between the workforce and LU management.

The co-ordinated action between the RMT and TSSA has been both industrially successful and politically significant in boosting morale and organisation of the rank and file across all sectors.

'Easthammer' March 2009

The new issue of East Ham branch's newsletter urges all members to vote Yes in the current industrial action ballot. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.

Ballot papers are out! Vote Yes!

Ballot papers will be coming through your door over the next few days. Please make sure that you return your paper regardless of how you intend to vote. Management always make a big deal over those that do not vote. We need to Show them how disgusted we are with this offer. We need a united front to return a massive yes vote. It is in your interest to vote yes for industrial action as a first step to safeguarding your pay and conditions.