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LU Still Refuses to Discuss Ticket Office Closures

Following the publication, in the Evening Standard, of a plan to close every ticket office on the tube we wrote to the COO demanding an urgent meeting of the stations & revenue functional council.
Having refused to discuss ticket office closure plans at previous meetings we were a little surprised when an ad-hoc meeting was arranged for 5th Sept.
We needn’t have been. Management came to the meeting and told us, again, that they have no plans at this stage and therefore cannot discuss the matter!

RMT London Underground Bulletin - Sack The Agency Not The Workers

RMT has produced a newsletter on agency working, describing the numerous issues with being employed by an agency, why that suits the bosses, and how it risks the jobs of workers on permanent contracts.

In this newsletter:

  • Sack the agencies - not the workers
  • The harsh facts about agencies
  • Justice for the Trainpeople 33
  • Bring All Agency Trackworkers Into Permanent Direct Lu In-house Employment!
  • Halting the spread of agency work

Every Journey Matters, but Not Every job

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It is an indication of the way things are that the most important issue in this SFC News is about something management will not discuss at Functional Council.
Once again we have asked LU to come clean and tell members what their plans are for our stations. Vauxhall has now been added to the list of stations that will be refurbished and re-opened without a ticket office. Management refuse to say which other stations, or even how many will lose their ticket offices.

MATS Newsletter May 2013

Admin CDI Note Taking
On Tuesday May 14th the Reps attended a MATS Functional Council meeting. The RMT was the union that put this on the agenda. At the meeting we were able to highlight the pressing issues around CDI note taking. The Reps pointed out how Admin were being told they had to take part in the pilot scheme and we insisted that this was voluntary and was not part of your role or job description.