Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

RMT Shocked At Increased Redundancy Plan For TfL

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and share his alarm at the increase in the number of projected redundancies and the spread of possible redundancies to clerical grades.

We note that our Regional Organiser has requested feedback from our branch and representatives and instruct the General Secretary to place this in front of us when received.

We also instruct the General Secretary to ensure that our TfL membership details are kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT Says We Can't Wait Until Driverless Trains Are Designed To Fight This Reckless Move

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 29 October 2013.

We note that this letter does not give the assurance we requested that when LUL orders or commissions new train stock, these will include a driver’s cab, and instead states that the company ‘cannot rule anything in or out’.

We further note that the letter:

  • refers to ‘pressure to be more efficient’ and to ‘get the best value for money from everything we get’, indicating that LUL’s decisions on this matter will be driven by a desire to cut spending and save money;

Tube Strike Ballot To Run Until January 2014

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

As every LUL member must now be aware London Underground has announced the closure of ALL ticket offices by as early as 2015 and the subsequent loss of 750 jobs. Despite this Government’s and the Mayor of London’s claim they wish more use of public transport they are cutting LU’s budget by £33m for 2013-14, and £45m for 2014-15. And this despite January’s 4.2% increase in fares across the tube, buses and trams.

Every Job Matters - Show Your Support

Now you can show your support as the 'Every Job Matters - Defend London Underground Jobs' campaign gets under way. This 'Twibbon' will make it easy for you to show you are against cuts on London Underground on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Simply sign in to either Facebook or Twiiter then click on this link -

Join The Rally - No Cuts On The Tube

A members' rally is being held on the 26th of November at Friends House 173 Euston Road 2BJ at 1830 for RMT members on the tube to discuss and contribute to the discussion on how to tackle expected cuts across London Underground.

We are expecting an announcement of cuts on the 21st; so this rally will be an ideal opportunity to find out what is going on and how as a union we can respond.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Lethal programme of Tube cuts to be announced tomorrow

TUBE UNION RMT warned today that they have been notified by London Underground that a major announcement on jobs, services and safety cuts is due to made to senior union representatives at 9am tomorrow – Thursday 21st November.

The announcement was trailed by tube boss Mike Brown at a recent meeting of the London Assembly where he confirmed that ticket offices, station and platform staffing and other safety critical posts would be threatened in response to £225 million annual cuts imposed on TFL in the Government Spending Review.

Executive Welcomes & Supports Jubilee South Branch Call For Strike Ballot On Job Cuts Threat

We note and adopt the report of our Southern Sub-committee.

We welcome the resolution from our Jubilee South branch, and support its proposals. We therefore instruct the General secretary to:

  1. Organise a public meeting in defence of London Underground jobs, preferably in conjunction with Action for Rail, and involving disability access to transport pressure groups such as Transport for All, and supportive MPs and GLA members.