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Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

RMT Prepare For Possible Industrial Action Over Flash & Dash Detrainments

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the correspondence from London Underground Ltd. Although the experience of the last two years has proved beyond any doubt that detrainment is only safe and effective when carried out by staff on the platform, the company appears to be preparing to make a fresh attempt to withdraw these staff. It seems again to be attempting to use some technical devices as a pretext to return to the ‘flash and dash’ procedure, which endangers passengers and is held in contempt by our members.

Tube Bosses Avoid Response To RMT Demand On Detrainment Staff

We note the reply from London Underground Ltd regarding inner inter-car barriers. We note that this letter does not address the request in our previous letter for an assurance that LUL has abandoned all plans to remove detrainment staff from the Central Line (or any other line) and all plans to reduce the number of staff on its stations. We do not accept that this can wait until after the Formal Investigation Report, and instruct the General Secretary to write to LUL again specifically on this matter, insisting on a reply, which is to be placed in front of us.

'Hundreds of Tube ticket offices to shut' as machines replace staff

This explains why LUL have been so reluctant to answer the questions your elected reps have been asking!

Hundreds of Tube ticket offices will be scrapped next year as Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to cut thousands of London Underground jobs, it was claimed today.

Mobile units of supervisors will replace staff at stations outside zone one in an attempt to move to full automation of ticket sales to cut costs.

Rail unions revealed the proposals as they published a poll showing overwhelming opposition to ticket office closures, with 71 per cent of travellers against full automation.

SFC News to download - Roving Supervisors and Ticket Office Cuts

RMT Demands
24/7 Supervisor on Every Station
No Ticket Office Closures

LU Explains how Roving Supervisors will respond to incidents during service breakdowns: See picture.

The issue of mobile Supervisors on the Wembley Central and Hammersmith (at Kew & Gunnersbury) groups moved to ACAS for the most recent talks.
LU has refused to implement the temporary arrangements agreed after a strike in 2008 and has tried to impose a model of mobile supervision.

RMT Seeks Clear Assurances That New Trains Will Have Drivers Cab

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council and share its determination to resist any attempt to introduce driverless trains.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to:

  • write to London Underground Ltd reminding the company of this union's position, and seeking a clear response as to its intentions for ordering or commissioning new train stock, specifically seeking an assurance that any new stock will include a driver's cab;
  • seek information from our fleet representatives as to any developments on this issue that they may be aware of;

RMT Opposes Job Losses From tfL Organisational Change

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. While we oppose all job losses, we note that these are unlikely to impact on our members. We instruct the General Secretary to monitor the progress of this reorganisation and place regular reports in front of us. Further, we instruct the General Secretary to ascertain from those trade unions which are recognised in these departments what action they may be taking on this matter, and to place their responses in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council, TfL no.1 branch and Transport for London representatives to be advised.

Demo: Save Whitechapel Ticket Office

The RMT will hold a demonstration opposing the closure of Whitechapel ticket office on Saturday 19th October between 09.30am and 10.30am, outside Whitechapel station.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested.

Attached is a poster, which you can display in your workplace.

See you there.

Lorna Tooley
Branch Secretary
East Ham Branch, RMT

RMT London Calling Newsletter September 2013

In this months newsletter:

  • We Will Unite & Fight to Stop Job Cuts
  • Why Can’t LU Keep Ticket Offices Open?
  • RMT Taxi Branch Resists Attempts to Loosen Rules on “Plying for Hire”
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Tube Lines Pension Dispute
  • Bombardier Pay And Conditions Talks Continue
  • RMT Push For Increased Representation at TfL
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Back Dated Pay Rises For Cleaners & Security Workers Still Short Of London Living Wage
  • STOP PRESS: CLEANERS VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY to refuse to use fingerprint scanners to book on for Duty

This article and the attached newsletter was updated on the 22nd of September to remove an outdated story about a member facing disciplinary

Mobile Station Supervision A 'Red Line Issue' For RMT

We note that London Underground Ltd has advertised (internally) posts for mobile Station Supervisors covering several stations. We further note that we referred this issue to ACAS several months ago, and that LUL has finally agreed to hold discussions at ACAS, and to not fill these positions until these talks are concluded.

This is a 'red line' issue for this union; we oppose mobile station supervision and insist that every London Underground station must have a

RMT Builds Support For Brother Woods

We note the report from the Regional Organiser, and that he has allocated a second-stage representative to this case in support of Brother Woods' local representative. An updated report is to be placed in front of us within 14 days. If this matter is not resolved to our satisfaction at this point, we consider enacting the branch's request for a ballot for industrial action.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.