TfL Announces Reorganisation Which RMT Believes Will Lead To Privatisation & Cuts

We note the correspondence from Transport for London dated 12 September 2013, and instruct the General Secretary to forward this to our TfL reps and our TfL no.1 branch and to post it on our website alongside this decision and our ‘What is Market Testing?’ briefing.

We reaffirm that RMT opposes market testing, a process which is used as a pretext either to privatise services or to make cuts to in-house services. In line with this, we note that TfL’s letter sets out that it is making plans to:

  • either reorganise or outsource Recruitment
  • reorganise Learning and Development
  • reorganise HRS (Human Resource Services), including an intention to ‘right size the team’
  • outsource Travel Services
  • improve Finance functions through investment in technology and process changes
  • introduce ‘more efficient methods of working’ in the Commercial function
  • use a ‘3rd party delivery partner’ in the Commercial function
  • in Information Management, bringing some in-house services together with privatised services and tendering them to the private sector.

Whatever the jargon used in the letter, this means that some services will be privatised, and others will be cut. RMT firmly opposes both of these courses of action.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. ensure that this is tabled for discussion at the next meeting of TfL’s Company Council
  2. contact the other TfL trade unions to ascertain their views
  3. include an updated article on this issue in our forthcoming TfL newsletter
  4. obtain the views of our TfL representatives and TfL no.1 branch on options for campaigning and action on this matter.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised. TfL representatives and TfL no.1 branch to be advised by personal letter.

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