Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

TfL Announces Reorganisation Which RMT Believes Will Lead To Privatisation & Cuts

We note the correspondence from Transport for London dated 12 September 2013, and instruct the General Secretary to forward this to our TfL reps and our TfL no.1 branch and to post it on our website alongside this decision and our ‘What is Market Testing?’ briefing.

We reaffirm that RMT opposes market testing, a process which is used as a pretext either to privatise services or to make cuts to in-house services. In line with this, we note that TfL’s letter sets out that it is making plans to:

  • either reorganise or outsource Recruitment
  • reorganise Learning and Development

LUL "Seeking A Pretext For Cutting Staff, Regardless Of...Safety" On Jubilee RMT Believe

We note the resolution from our Jubilee South branch. We share its concern at London Underground management’s attempts to impose a less safe procedure for dealing with defective Platform Edge Doors. Once again, the company appears to be seeking a pretext for cutting staff, regardless of the consequences for passenger safety.

RMT Ready To Take Industrial Action Over Flash & Dash

We note the legal advice on file. We therefore intend to reinstate our suspended industrial action should London Underground Ltd attempt to again impose a detrainment procedure that does not involve physical checking that trains are empty by staff on the platform.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain an update on this issue, including the likely timescales involved, and to seek co-ordination with ASLEF.

Reports and developments are to be placed in front of us. London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Service Control - Protect Your Job

The text in this article is taken from the poster attached below. Please distribute it in your workplace


London Underground have taken unfair action against service control instructors and are pursuing this further to help cut staffing number.

Stop. Do not:

  • do not let your trainee touch anything without consenting to it first. Every button!
  • if you need a pnr (personal needs relief) you must shut the desk or cabin!!
  • do not have a trainee if you feel the risks are too great of losing your job

YOU can help STOP London Transport cuts!

Join transport unions leafleting passengers against cuts on WEDNESDAY 23 OCTOBER

The government has cut funding to Transport for London by 12.5% from 2015. The Mayor of London proposes significant cuts to spending. His plans include:

  • the closure of all ticket offices on London Underground;
  • cutting substantial numbers of all grades of Tube staff – including maintenance workers;
  • removing guards from London Overground trains
  • driverless trains

Unfilled Revenue Vacancies Unacceptable Says RMT

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and the verbal report from our LUL Revenue Control representatives that a significant number of vacancies remain unfilled. This is an unacceptable situation, as it is increasing our members’ workload, blocking promotion and transfer, and denying job opportunities at a time of high unemployment.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report from our representatives and place this in front of us within 28 days.

RMT In Dispute With Tube Bosses Over 'Red Line Issue' Of Mobile Station Supervision

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd and the report from our Regional Organiser. It is clear that the company fully intends to impose mobile station supervision at seven stations, that this will lead to a further extension of this practice, and that it will not commit to round-the-clock station supervision.