Executive Welcomes & Supports Jubilee South Branch Call For Strike Ballot On Job Cuts Threat

We note and adopt the report of our Southern Sub-committee.

We welcome the resolution from our Jubilee South branch, and support its proposals. We therefore instruct the General secretary to:

  1. Organise a public meeting in defence of London Underground jobs, preferably in conjunction with Action for Rail, and involving disability access to transport pressure groups such as Transport for All, and supportive MPs and GLA members.
  2. Following London Underground Ltd’s announcement of its ‘Stations Operating Model’ on Thursday 21 November, to write to all disability groups, passenger groups, trades councils, anti-cuts groups and environmental campaigns in and around London asking them to support our campaign for a well-staffed London Underground and against job cuts.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and all LUL representatives to be advised.

Jubilee South branch resolution

This branch believes that LUL will soon announce cuts to station staffing, including ticket office. LUL's Managing Director has been describing plans to have station staff carry iPads, with which they can monitor other stations which are left unstaffed. This is a nightmare scenario for station staff, for passengers and for London Underground staff in other grades who rely on station staff support. Together with planned job cuts in service control and refusal to rule out driverless trains, this constitutes a wholesale attack on London Underground jobs and services. These ideas would also impact on safety of both staff and passengers.

We request the GGC and London Regional Council

1. Call an immediate ballot of all grades for strike action and action short of strike action when the cuts are announced. With immediate use of action short of strike for an overtime ban as soon as a successful result is achieved.

2. The union approaches TSSA, ASLEF and UNITE to open discussions to achieve united action as suggested in the 'Action For Rail' campaign.

3. Action For Rail - all union campaign -to call a Public Meeting to defend the service.

4. For the union to reach out to interested passenger groups such as the RNIB, disability access to transport pressure groups and local and London wide politicians.

  • Another GGC decision here, covers the rest of Jubilee South branch's motion