Trainers - Do Not Sign Away Your Job

Dear Colleague,

COO training reorganisation - no agreement reached with your negotiators - do not sign away your job.

I am writing to you in respect of the fit for future for trainers in LUL, this is a similar exercise by TfL to reduce staffing and save money at the expense of jobs and the service provided to the travelling public.

You may have received a briefing from management as follows:-

“At yesterday’s consultation meeting the following was discussed:

  • An update on recent appointments in the training function was provided.
  • It was confirmed that RMT had referred the outcome of the recent Directors appeal to ACAS and that this was currently being arranged.
  • Management and staff side agreed to progress the preferencing and selection process for trainer roles. The process will open Monday 29th September with an indicative closing date of 17th October.
  • To support trainers in their preparation it was agreed that a day’s scheduled release would be facilitated which would include a workshop to support that preparation. Additional information will also be available on sharepoint. Trainers will be advised of their allocated date.
  • Staff who have been mapped or successfully applied for voluntary severance will not be required to go through the preferencing exercise.
  • Clarification was sought as to what would happen if an individual did not take part in the process. Management advised that in principle an individual would not be allocated a permanent training role and would be displaced.
  • The next meeting is scheduled to take place on 23rd October. In the meantime communications will continue on successful appointments and new vacancies that arise.”

Let me make it very clear the union has NOT agreed to progress the preferencing and selection process for trainer roles. In fact we recorded a failed to agree and are meeting with ACAS next Friday.

I would urge members should they be called to these meetings they decline and advise management that agreement has not been reached with their union and that talks at ACAS are still being held.

I have written to management expressing disgust that they have put out a briefing that contains such blatantly wrong information and that I expect it to be withdrawn and member not called into these ‘one-to-one’ meeting at the present time.

I will write to you again in the near future with an update.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary