If we fight we may lose; if we dont fight we cannot win

The rosters that LUL want to force through in readiness for FFFS in 2016 have been leaked. Inadvertently by a kind hearted and concerned GSM? Maybe. The full impact of the madness of this new model is now available for all to see. The RMT have from day 1 said the idea you can cut 1000 staff, shut ticket offices, control rooms, take away customer focus and assistance and offer a better service is not only flawed but frankly dangerous. The rosters, attached as a word document, showed we were not scaremongering and afraid of new technology. The RMT are not Luddites, we embrace new technology that improves and offers more time off and a better work life balance for the workers. These rosters, from the north end of the Northern line are absolute crap. Don’t think for one moment your area will be any different. SCRAs, SAMFs, CSA, SS grades – your work life balance has been blown apart. More nights, less long weekends, extreme shifts aplenty. 1 guaranteed long weekend in 43 weeks is an affront to us all. We have campaigned, taken strike action and fought hard to ensure we have quality time off from the job. LUL have ripped all those agreements up and shoved them down our throats with disdain. The future is not bright, the future is not nice and it certainly is not world class service for the workers on LUL. These rosters offer nothing to station staff in terms of enjoying quality time off with our loved ones, nothing in terms of ensuring a healthy and long term approach to workers well-being and welfare issues. To this end LUL have ditched the 24 hour clock in favour of a 25 hour new model. And we can’t even blame Europe on that. LUL want us to book on at 2115 and book off at 2515. Embarrassing, certainly, but this offers a clear insight into the professionalism of those seeking to impose these changes. An ill thought out plan, a politically motivated austerity led attack on the workers of London. An attack on us all that we must resist. We can sit in our mess rooms, control rooms and stand on gate lines and moan and whinge on how our employer is taking the piss. The employer can only appear to take the piss because we are on our knees. Rise up off our knees and strike back! We have taken action to secure pay, location and grade. We must now take action to ensure our health; wealth and well-being are protected at work. We will never accept these rosters. LUL – to quote the late, great Bob Crow, you can stick these rosters up yer arse. Sideways. PS - no roundels were used in the making of this piece.